7 Quotes to Stay Motivated From Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs exude masses of positive energy on a daily basis, and it's this invaluable energy that feeds the rest of the business and employees. If the head of a small company or startup experiences a slump in energy, the reverberations throughout the team can be felt hard.

Fortunately, there are tons of business leaders and historical icons who have already tread the path of leadership, so when it seems like an obstacle is is too great, use these quotes to stay motivated, brought to you from some of the greatest minds in history.

Steve Jobs Motivational Quote

Steve Jobs: Computer Designer, Leader and Cofounder of Apple Computers

Steve Jobs was both a brilliant thought leader and exceptional team builder, and anyone who wants to succeed in any industry or cutting-edge sector can learn from him. Jobs knew the value of innovation and hiring the right people to do the job. There can be instances where energetic new entrepreneurs can overburden themselves, and this often limits and sabotages their success.

Take advice from Jobs and hire qualified individuals to complete the work for you. Outsourcing also alleviates pressure, giving you more precious time to make calculated business moves.

Abraham Lincoln Motivational Quote

Abraham Lincoln: Serial Entrepreneur and 16th President of the United States

The great Abraham Lincoln was also famously known for failing multiple times in business and politics before securing the title as POTUS at 51 years old. Many doubted his abilities, but he proved that hard work and diligence reaps success.

As Lincoln gained knowledge and experience, he learned how to unite people and operate a successful business and government.

While waiting for success, entrepreneurs can sometimes be tempted to give up. There are moments when you will feel like your business is not progressing fast enough. Be patient, revamp your strategy, and work diligently to reach your goals. Lincoln would agree that slow progress is better than none.

Warren Buffet Motivational Quote

Warren Buffett: Billionaire Investor and Financial Authority

Warren Buffett is a billionaire investor who others consult for financial forecasts, sound advice, and wisdom for expansion and monetary investments. One quality that makes Buffett unique is his long-standing reputation for excellence and good character.

Buffett's reputation is warranted; any entrepreneur can emulate Buffett's financial habits and mindset to accumulate wealth and influence. Not only is he known for his skill, patience, and generosity, but his reputation as a trustworthy adviser and partner precedes him. A clean image is worth more than its weight in gold to make doors open, form beneficial partnerships, and achieve higher success.

Barbara Corcoran Motivational Quote

Barbara Corcoran: Real Estate Mogul and Renowned Shark Tank Investor

Barbara Corcoran is a tour de force in the real estate and investing sphere. The outspoken, confident Shark Tank investor is unapologetic about her success, and she claims much of it is due to overcoming personal challenges and simply starting again when others did not. Corcoran knew one of the less obvious secrets of success, is to never waste time wallowing in failure. It is crucial to stay optimistic and learn from past mistakes to move forward faster.

Many entrepreneurs begin with stellar faith, only to lose drive after a series of perceived failures. It is only failure when you refuse to rise. If the current indicators reflect a lack of success, you can do things differently and take corrective action to achieve better results.

Peter Drucker Motivational Quote

Peter Drucker: Master Management Consultant, Teacher and Author

Peter Drucker was an inspirational business icon, and the principles of many modern corporations are derived from his potent teachings and no-nonsense revelations.

As an entrepreneur, your most valuable asset is the time you have. Although material resources often separate businesses in the beginning, those who use time effectively will gain the edge. Make sustained efforts to use your time wisely, avoiding procrastination in whatever form it may present itself in order to reach your business goals. Remember: “Time, innovation and opportunity never sleep.”

Jack Ma Motivational Quote

Jack Ma: Billionaire Entrepreneur and Internet Marketing Genius

The infamous Jack Ma is a billionaire marketer who made a fortune by recognizing "unseen" opportunities. You may have a unique business idea, but are afraid to test it. Ma was not fearful of trying new things, but he was worried about using the same tactics as everyone else.

If you spot a rare opportunity, take advantage of it now. If you do not, someone else may come along later with the courage to execute the idea you hesitated on. Take a risk; that’s how impressive fortunes are made.

Walt Disney Motivational Quote

Walt Disney: Entrepreneur, Animator, and Founder of Walt Disney Company

Take this final quote to heart. The sooner you acquire wisdom from some of the most brilliant, business-minded thinkers from the past and present, the quicker you can apply their hard-earned knowledge to advance your entrepreneurial vision.

Learn from leaders in every industry to gain a balanced, global perspective. Use these inspiring quotes to build uncanny enthusiasm and invoke the drive required to help you and your team succeed.

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