9 Top Social Media Management Tools for Business

Managing social media accounts can be time consuming and often overwhelming.

At times, it can feel impossible for one person to offer tailored attention to each and every platform, especially when the number of accounts you need to manage crawl up into the double digits.

How can you keep up-to-date with the on-goings of each platform, maintain several conversation chains, keep your content regularly updated and know if your hard work is effective? Luckily, several amazing tools have been created to help tackle this problem and make your efforts even more successful.

Here are nine top social media management tools that will free up your time, make you more effective, and keep you stress-free.


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No social media toolbox is complete without HootSuite and it's earned its excellent reputation for good reason. This program lets you schedule your posts across several networks whether they’re big-name or just starting out and gain insights via analytics reports on the reach of your content. They can also show you the best times to post, your profile’s traffic, and trends in your audience.

Hootsuite allows you to handle all your social media accounts in one convenient online dashboard and, especially unique, track ongoing conversations so you don’t leave a user hanging due to your busy and diverse schedule.


Jumping from one social media site to the next isn’t just a long process – it’s a real headache. Everypost is the tool to make your life easier. If you have a post or a picture you’d like to upload across multiple accounts, you can simply pop onto Everypost, write your update, add necessary tags or images for different sites, then with a click of a button, sit back and enjoy as it immediately publishes to every single social channel.

You don’t have to worry about the clash of different platform styles – it can automatically shorten a Facebook post to work for Twitter’s character cap.

Sprout Social

Data can be more of a headache than a help sometimes, especially if analytics isn’t your strength. Sprout Social offers the unique advantage of presenting all its data findings in surprisingly simple-to-read graphs with actionable results – to a degree some other social media tools lack.

Staying in the vein of easy and quick, Sprout allows you to manage, update, and gain insights on all your accounts from one dashboard. This means you can schedule a post on Facebook, favorite a tweet, update your profile details on LinkedIn, check up on Google+, and reply to comments on Instagram all from a single location.


When it comes to ensuring what you’re posting, where you’re posting, and when you’re posting is actually getting the job done, Crowdbooster is your best friend. This tool focuses on analytics, and while it doesn’t put all your accounts on one dashboard, it does offer detailed suggestions on when you should be posting your content and where to adjust your strategy.

You can gain insights on your reach and level of engagement, and suggestions on which unengaged users you should target.


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Spredfast is a tool focused on data. While it’s limited to Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Flickr, it serves as a host for all the information you can possibly gather from these heavy-hitting sites. You can view the data at your leisure with simple, easy-to-understand graphs.

Spredfast helps you gain insights into which audience is most interested in your content and why; when they’re engaging and when they’re ignoring; and who your untapped audience is based on who your content is currently reaching. In the theme of ease, it also has a specialized calendar, making it simple to determine the best tweet times.


Instagram, as the name suggests, is all about the instantaneous. If you don’t want to be left in the dust by the site’s fast pace, then you need a program much faster than you to keep your account updated; enter Schedugram. You can handle all your accounts from one location, publish several posts or just a few, and receive email notifications to keep you updated on what’s been published.

To give your images that extra touch, it has an editing tool that lets you handle any last-minute or rush touch-ups without wasting time, so you can keep the instant in Instagram.


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When you think of Bitly, you think of a place where you can shorten URLs so you don’t end up posting a link the length of your arm. But Bitly brings a lot more to the table when it comes to making social life easy for you. It gives you the ability to track how many hits you receive on certain content, offers analytics that are as fast-paced as social media itself is, and it keeps track of your favorite sites so you can stay updated on the go.


Followerwonk is famous for offering the kinds of analytics other options don’t. It is part of the Moz family and it not only tells you the times your followers are most active and likely to see the content you post, but also gives you insights on their location and other habits. Allowing you to do more than customize your publishing schedule; you can see where your marketing strategy needs to change and realize who your audience really is. It’s currently limited only to Twitter, but is also compatible with Buffer, so you can use the advantages of both tools.


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Buffer, unlike its name suggests, has nothing to do with wait time. Instead, this option is all about making sure you never have to wait around to post your updates, with the ability to schedule them all from one place. One of Buffer’s most impressive features is its Chrome extension, which allows you to schedule anything you see whilst browsing the web into your social queue with one click.

Its analytics are thorough and comprehensive, with suggestions on the best times to post and the ability to schedule your content accordingly.

What does your business need?

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