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XRS Corporation Review

XRS fleet management solutions don't just impress - they excel

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  • Polished desktop and mobile software interfaces
  • Easy device installation on vehicles
  • No upfront cost

X Cons:

  • Server speed has been known to dip following big software updates

XRS Corporation cuts telematics down to size by choosing a single area of focus. While some of their competitors offer tracking solutions for practically anything on wheels, XRS has focused on doing one thing -- providing tailored solutions in a single field.

Since 1985, the company has single-mindedly pursued telematics solutions for the trucking industry, and in the 30 years since, they've become the company of choice when small companies and large fleets alike seek to solve their fleet management problems.

A History of Telematics Innovation

A history of innovation that puts it firmly in the forefront of the telematics industry. In 1988, it developed the first electronic trip planner, followed in the next two years by the first electronic driver logs and the first learned standards function.

In the years since, the company has pioneered applications for driver downloads, wireless yard communication, exception-based recording, and the first web-based fleet management solution.

XRS Applications

Trucking Intelligence

Trucking Intelligence offers round-the-clock access to real-time information that acts as a snapshot of your fleet's activities, benefiting to fleet owners and their drivers alike. It's designed to provide 395.15 EOBR Mandate compliant e-logs for Hours of Service (HOS) tracking, and automated IFTA-compliant fuel tax reporting, all in an easy-to-install package.

Other metrics reported include vehicle and driver performance reports, ensuring that assets are always visible and always put to their best use. What this adds up to is improved CSA scores, profitability and a boost to productivity.

Drivers also benefit. Communication between driver and dispatcher are streamlined, back office communication is improved, and communication breakdowns are avoided. Idle time management and fleet fuel management keep drivers productive, while incident reporting, black box reporting, and driver scorecards keep them safe. And electronic logging capabilities reduce headaches behind the wheel and behind the desk.

Turnpike Fleet Management

Turnpike Fleet Management compliance software provides vehicle productivity, exception based reporting, and asset protection data along with driver scorecards and maintenance alerts. Report timing, data, and recipients are all customizable, and fleet managers receive automatic hour and violation alerts.

Electronic logging cuts HOS violations, limits erroneous reporting, and ensures log accuracy by limiting driver interaction.

Turnpike does not require an embedded modem or satellite uplink, relying instead on cellular or smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth. GPS, engine and diagnostic information is fed to the web-based Turnpike Direct application. It has been cited by the FMCSA as the least expensive compliant EOBR/E-Log device. Its small size allows it to be swapped between trucks, making it a good solution for owner-operators and smaller fleets, especially since it doesn't require the swapping of EOBRs.

XRS fleet management

Devices Supported

Applications will run on several platforms, with a wide range of form factors, their prices determined by the options needed, the plan chosen, and the form factor of the device itself. Whether you need a hand-held, a tablet, or a fixed/dash mount, and whether you're partial to Samsung, HTC, LG, Kyocera, Motorola, or Pantech, you will find a device that fits your needs.

Customers can choose 3G or 4G service, and the availability of such options as barcode scanners, cameras, keyboards and touchscreens expand options even further. XRS also recognizes that truckers tend to operate in less-than-ideal environments, so several peripherals resist drops, dust, impact, water, and general clumsiness.

A reliance on mobile technology over OBC (On Board Computer) tech helps trucking companies keep pace with the latest technology easily and relatively cheaply. When upgrades happen -- whether it's to the technology in the truck, a mobile manufacturer's latest innovation, or a wireless carrier's latest update – owners aren’t stuck with aging or obsolete technology.

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Omnitracs logo

XRS Corporation is part of the Omnitracs family of companies, which includes not only Omnitracs/Omnitracs Mexico, but also Roadnet Technologies, Sylectus, and Fleet Risk Advisors.

In addition to those affiliations, XRS maintains relationships with a web of outside vendors and companies including AT&T, Sprint and Verizon (wireless), ALK (dispatch and routing), Motorola, Samsung, and Intermec (OEM), and VAS providers Speedgauge and DriveWyze. Other partners, such as ExtenData, TMW, Descartes, Ortec, Bolt, Decision Point and Airclic, further extend their reach and range.


On-demand training is available via the XRS Learning Lab, a series of self-paced online tutorials. Further support is available through the company's website and over the phone.


XRS Corporation estimates that it can save a 1,000 truck fleet over four million dollars per year on average, with typical savings of $200 to $350 per vehicle, per month, for most customers.

The company has implemented systems for 5,000 trucks across more than two hundred sites in a six month period. However, with over 100,000 subscribers and thirty years' experience, it's safe to say that smaller fleets are also in good hands.

XRS Corporation has expertise in a veritable alphabet soup of trucking-related telematics, trends and best practices, including Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), Electronic On-Board Recorders (EOBRs), Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) scores, driver workflow, and the constantly-evolving state of DOT regulations.

Nearly 30 years since they were founded, the company remains ahead of the curve, incorporating all the best in mobile, social, and cloud computing for the trucking industry in order to not only remain current, but -- as they've done so often before -- to anticipate, or create, what's next.