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WorkWave Fleet Management Software Review

WorkWave Fleet Management Software Review

Company Overview

For over 30 years, WorkWave has been an industry leader in operations optimization for companies around the world. Today, their comprehensive cloud-based software is used by companies in the field services, transportation, and logistics industries across all areas of operations.

WorkWave's platform offers several modules — WorkWave Service, WorkWave Route Manager, WorkWave GPS, and WorkWave Marketing, to name a few — each with different features, including a field service management suite, intelligent route planning and fleet management, GPS tracking and monitoring, and lead acquisition and management tools.

Combined, these modules provide companies with a powerful operations management and optimization platform that is both comprehensive and easy to use.

This review will focus primarily on WorkWave Route Manager, WorkWave's fleet management module.

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WorkWave Route Manager Features

Routing and Scheduling

Routing and scheduling with WorkWave uses cutting-edge intelligence to seamlessly schedule customers’ time-window requests with driver’s daily routes for optimal time and resource management. Plus, WorkWave offers users robust, real-time performance updates from all employees in the field.

Mobile Execution

WorkWave’s real time performance updates are driven by its powerful mobile capabilities. The WorkWave Route Manager 360 Mobile App provides full functionality on any mobile device, allowing technicians in the field to send and receive updates to in-office dashboards users.

The WorkWave Route Manager 360 Mobile App also allows all users to proactively contact customers with accurate ETA’s and availability updates. 

GPS Tracking

Accurate GPS tracking allows users to manage their fleet in real-time with instantaneous updates and alerts. Users can also plan out the most efficient routes ahead of time to ensure maximum time management for the day ahead.

Flexible API

WorkWave Route Manager’s API is both powerful and easy to use, perfect for companies looking to centralize and consolidate their software tools. Users can easily connect any CRM, OMS, or WPS with the platform, allowing for a broader range of applications within a single intuitive interface.

Plus, WorkWave Route Manager’s powerful API can update route plans as soon as orders are placed within an existing customer facing portal, optimizing organization and eliminating the need for manually importing and exporting routes.

Service Plans

WorkWave Route Manager is available in several different service packages, with pricing determined on a case-by-case basis according to factors such as fleet size and number of features included.

WorkWave Route Manager:

  • Comprehensive scheduling
  • Route planning tools
  • Phone and email support
  • Traffic profiles
  • Access to WorkWave’s full API set
  • And more

WorkWave Route Manager 360:

  • All of the features of WorkWave Route Manager plus;
  • Proof of delivery
  • Real-time re-planning
  • 3rd party integration
  • And more

WorkWave Route Manager 360 + Mobile GPS

  • Everything included in the previous 2 plans plus;
  • Breadcrumb trail tracking
  • Live ETA updates based on GPS location
  • And more

WorkWave Route Manager 360 + GPS

  • All features from other plans plus;
  • Driver behavior scoring and monitoring
  • Stop reports
  • Historical tracking and reports
  • Vehicle maintenance reports
  • And more

Customer Service

WorkWave allows for current users and prospective clients to submit questions and support requests through a ticket form available on the WorkWave website. The company also provides module-specific FAQ pages for each WorkWave brand.

Those looking to speak to a WorkWave representative over the phone can call WorkWave’s US Headquarters with the number listed on their contact page. Prospective clients wishing to try WorkWave Route Manager risk-free can request a demo online.

Case Study: The Compost Crew

The Compost Crew is an organic waste collection company serving commercial and residential clients in Baltimore, MD and the Washington, D.C. metro area.

For founders Ryan Walter and Brian Flores, (as well as The Compost Crew’s thousands of clients), eco-friendliness is an important part their company’s mission. In order to minimize their carbon footprint and maximize their efficiency, The Compost Crew team needed an intelligent route manager to find them the safest and most expedient routes each and every day.

Since implementing WorkWave Route Manager 360 + GPS The Compost Crew has reported faster pickup and drop-off times, better field employee tracking and mobile communication, and a 50% increase in annual revenue.

Expert Verdict

Powerful and intuitive, WorkWave Route Manager provides an excellent cloud-based solution for businesses looking to optimize their route planning and manage their technicians in the field.

Intelligent mapping and routing enables drivers to get the most out of their time on the road, while robust communication features allow everyone to stay connected and make changes on the go. Plus WorkWave Route Manager’s flexible API makes it the perfect platform for consolidating other software tools such as CRM, OMS, or WPS platforms. With several service plans to choose from, WorkWave Route Manager is an excellent software solution for fleet-based businesses large and small.