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Trailer Tracking Review

Protecting your fleet just got easier

American company Trailer Tracking, a division of GPS North America, has been offering tracking solutions for non-powered assets since 2001. In contrast to many of their competitors, who have generally attempted to cover all facets of the fleet management sector, Trailer Tracking's focus has been more specialized; they've chosen one area of expertise and covered it quite thoroughly. Even given their reliance on one type of device, they have still found a foothold in a surprisingly wide variety of industries.

Trailer Tracking Review
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Trailer Tracking Products

Trailer Tracking's products enable real-time asset monitoring. With updates at two-minute intervals, you'll be able to keep tabs on practically anything that can use a battery-powered tracking system, including trailers, reefers, shipping containers, rail cars, and heavy equipment.

TLU 300 Trailer Location Unit

Trailer Tracking TLU 300 Trailer Location Unit

TLU 300 Trailer Location Unit: This container tracker is discreet and easy to use, and is suitable for shipping containers or roll-off cans. It's just as easy to install, mounting with adhesive or screws. Its weatherproof enclosure ensures durability. Its 24/7 satellite uplink provides true worldwide coverage under even the worst conditions. Since operation isn't limited by cellular range or availability, the TLU 300 can be used when cellular service is crippled (e.g., after storms or natural disasters) or unreliable.

AT-3100 GPS Asset Tracker

Trailer Tracking AT-3100 GPS Asset Tracker

AT-3100 GPS Asset Tracker: The AT-3100 can be installed either hard-wired or as a stand-alone. Both provide location data for fixed and movable assets, and can be used for theft prevention and asset location. Because of its unique design, it's suited to outdoor use, and can be used with or without a constant power source. The AT-3100 GPS Container Lock variant is meant to monitor container access, and is door-mounted. The AT-3100 provides real-time and ping on demand alerts, allowing users to receive arrival, departure, geofence and usage data.

Duratrack with Temperature Monitoring

Duratrack with Temperature Monitoring: This unit allows owners and fleet managers to monitor temperatures in trailers and refrigerated compartments. This allows quick response in the event of a problem or failure, preventing the loss of perishables (and profits). The unit's Smart Antenna can be installed externally in a weather-tight enclosure, or cab mounted. It monitors temperature, vehicle motion, and fire alert status, and with the inclusion of additional inputs, can be used to monitor doors, PTOs, pumps or motors. With its epoxy sealing, it can safely be washed down.

Integrated Paperless Inspection Forms

Integrated Paperless Inspection Forms: This option allows data to be captured remotely and accessed from any mobile, desktop, or tablet device. Forms can be customized via a web-based interface, with options that include text, numerical data, GPS tagging, audiovisual notes, photos, sketches, barcodes and signatures. These forms will also work without connectivity, and can benefit drivers and customers alike; errors and lost data are minimized, and information is available as soon as it's entered. This cloud-based application is secure, and ensures full-time access to vital documentation.

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GPS Tracking Software - SignalTrack

Trailer Tracking's product line delivers results to owners and fleet managers thanks in part to technological innovation. That technology, however, is backed by a software suite that is no less impressive. SignalTrack provides status and location reports for individual vehicles, groups, or your whole fleet; turn-by-turn directions; various display options for quick reading and ease of use.

The application can be viewed from any device that's connected to the internet, allowing you to keep tabs on your fleet's activity from your desktop, your favorite coffee shop, a service call, or the nearest parking lot. Real-time tracking keeps you connected to your fleet's activity, while historical data allows you to identify patterns, trends, and areas of opportunity. SignalTrack helps your fleet to work as a single, well-coordinated unit, without sacrificing granular data on its component parts.

The application offers views of your fleet in Google Maps, geofence alerts, mapping, breadcrumb trails, and real-time notifications for critical issues. If a vehicle or trailer varies from the thresholds you have defined, you'll know immediately, not in a matter of hours or days. Alerts can be configured for driver safety, vehicle movement, unauthorized use, theft, and excessive idling, allowing a quick response that can save you time and money.

Trailer tracking review

What Can I Expect to Achieve Using Trailer Tracking?

Using SignalTrack in conjunction with Trailer Tracking's products, and drawing on the company's experience in both fleet management and asset tracking, comes with a host of benefits. The ability to track and minimize idle time increases productivity.

Eliminating manual yard checks and paper record keeping saves time and improves accuracy. Being able to monitor fleet location and performance reduces waste. Preventing unauthorized use and being able to quickly recover stolen assets minimizes risk and liability. Finally, the understanding that comes from having this much data within easy reach means being able to run a leaner, smarter business, by putting fewer assets to better use.

Expert Verdict

Trailer Tracking has set itself apart in the telematics field by narrowing its focus to a single segment (non-powered asset tracking) and an equally narrow set of core competencies. Each solution offered by the company is part of an integrated platform that's scalable to suit companies of any size.

While those solutions typically have a technological component, Trailer Tracking takes a holistic approach to fleet management that incorporates elements of finance, insurance, and business intelligence. Their customer-centric approach leads to higher satisfaction and retention. And the flexibility to choose between flexible leasing and purchasing options ensures your bottom line is safeguarded.