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Skypatrol GPS Solutions Review

Skypatrol is a safe bet for anyone looking for cost effective fleet tracking

Skypatrol GPS Tracking Solutions are renowned as leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality vehicle monitoring and tracking systems.

They supply their services within the US and Latin America, throughout Canada and to the European market.

With nearly 1 million units currently in operation across 25 countries, Skypatrol uphold their reputation as providers of some of the most innovative technology available to the sector. Boasting a nationwide installation network of dedicated professionals and a 24/7 support program.

Their products offer easy installation and operation, the rapid deployment of tracking for mobile corporate assets and a cost effective fleet tracking system for all types of customer, from personal vehicle owners and small and mid-sized businesses to large commercial organizations.

Skypatrol Review
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Skypatrol Technology

All of the Skypatrol fleet tracking systems combine cellular and GPS technology to deliver real time monitoring and location finding functions.

Satellites will transmit the collated data directly to the vehicle based Skypatrol unit where it will then be passed to the central operations center via the national wireless network.

All of the solutions incorporate:
  • The availability of 24/7 customer service and support from locating a stolen vehicle to offering advice on the creation of a geofence.
  • A comprehensive reporting and analysis capability which allows for the comparison of employee and vehicle productivity, overall operational costs and efficiency; stay one step ahead of your competitors by utilizing every piece of fleet data you have.
  • Free platform upgrades; being a cloud based service means that customer access to any new Skypatrol software upgrades can be offered free of charge for the life of the leasing term.
  • Total employee visibility can be assured with the installation of preset email and text message alerts which will advise of any instances of poor driving, time wasting, rule breaking or general non productivity on the part of any driver.
Skypatrol GPS tracking

The Fleet Command GPS Tracking Solution

The Skypatrol Fleet Command GPS system delivers efficient route planning, improved productivity and a leaner, greener, more environmentally friendly fleet; all with the benefit of an excellent return on investment.

Latest GPS technology is combined with real time data providing comprehensive reporting that delivers detailed historical driver and vehicle information allowing for the optimum security and accuracy with no more reliance on labor intensive time cards.

In addition to all of the standard features included in the Fleet Command system, this enhanced application also provides:
  • Enhanced dispatching
  • Reduce fuel and maintenance costs
  • Real time performance reports
  • Greater asset safety
  • Engine status reporting
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Protecting your Assets

A combined study by Brake and Direct Line have found that fleet and business drivers are taking far too many risks on the road. Many of those questioned admitted to not paying adequate attention while driving with 17% saying they spend time looking in the mirror attending to grooming and a staggering 31% admitting to texting whilst driving. Another growing problem in the sector concerns the instances of speeding in built up areas; 76% of respondents confirmed that they were regularly guilty of this offense.

The study findings also highlighted the statistic that those driving commercially were 30-40% more likely to be involved in a crash than when driving for recreational purposes.

The adoption of GPS tracking systems like those provided by Skypatrol allow the combination of fleet management productivity with driver safety.