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Scania Review

This truck manufacturer hits the tarmac with great vehicle tracking

Originating in Sweden, Scania is a major global company, present in over 100 countries. They have production units in both Europe and Latin America, and employ over 37,500 people worldwide.

Mainly involved in the transport industry, they manufacture all types of trucks including long haulage vehicles, special purpose trucks (such as those used by the Fire Department) and construction trucks.

They also make engines for use in marine vessels and power generation and a large range of coaches and buses. In addition, the company offer other services such as driver training, workshop and financial services and fleet management.

Scania Review
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Scania Fleet Management

Scania offer three different service packages in their fleet management service. These include:

  1. A Monitoring Report
  2. An Analysis Package
  3. A Control Package
  • The Monitoring Report is a weekly report which enables fleet managers to see how each vehicle in their fleet is performing. It will highlight any vehicles needing attention; for example, if the carbon dioxide emissions are too high. It will also detail fuel consumption for the fleet and any indications of hard driving. The report will allow a fleet manager to spot any bad trends, which can be then dealt with immediately.
  • The next package up, the Analysis Package, gives details of both vehicles and drivers at all times as well as providing other information like performance trends.
  • The final package, the Control Package, includes everything in the other two packages as well as some extras, most notably Geofence. Geofence is essentially an alarm system which triggers an alert if a fleet vehicle enters or exits a predetermined zone. This feature helps stop a vehicle's misuse. With this package, the fleet manager is also able to know the current status of each vehicle, so can tell at any instant where a vehicle is and what it is doing.

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Case Studies

Duvenbeck Logistik

Duvenbeck logo

At first glance, it seemed that a stolen Scania tractor belonging to Czech company Duvenbeck Logistik wouldn't be recovered. Thieves had used a key that had been illegally duplicated, made off with the truck, stripped its electronics, removed its VIN tags, license plates and trade dress, and disconnected its FleetBoard system to prevent tracking.

A few phone calls put Duvenbeck Logistik in touch with a regional manager for Scania's eastern European territories, who leveraged the one thing the thieves had overlooked -- the truck's Scania-installed Fleet Management System. The FMS, which is used for remote vehicle diagnostics, location, geofencing, and dispatch, quickly yielded the truck's location. The truck was recovered, repaired, and returned to Duvenbeck Logistik, saving the company a significant amount of money.

Scania Optimizes Logistics Fleet Performance

Scania has provided a battery of fleet management services that's proven especially helpful to logistics companies the world over. Dutch food logistics company Post-Kogeko, Norway-based wholesaler ASKO, and international concern HAVI Logistics have all reaped the benefits of Scania's forward thinking and advanced technology.

Post-Kogeko relies on Scania fleet management to control fuel use and maximize load efficiency. ASKO met environmental sustainability goals by minimizing driving distances, emissions, and fuel consumption for its fleet of 600 trucks. HAVI Logistics relies on Scania for full lifecycle support that keeps the fleet moving while allowing HAVI to spend less time worrying about its fleet and more time focused on its core competencies.

Each company also relies heavily on Scania's driver training, navigation and dispatch, and vehicle tracking, in addition to maintenance programs that increase uptime.