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Rand McNally Fleet Management Review

Rand McNally's compact vehicle trackers are proof that good things do come in small packages

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  • Widely used GPS devices
  • Simple to install hardware
  • Low cost options

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  • Touch screen has unresponsive moments

Since their foundation in 1856, Rand McNally have specialized in navigation, maps and route planning for the commercial and trucking transportation sector.

Their solutions include GPS devices, the IntelliRoute fleet routing software, an online travel data website and a premier geography based service designed for use in the education sector.

Maintaining a total dedication to the commercial transportation sector, Rand McNally remain committed to ongoing product evolution and development, delivering the highest efficiency fleet management solutions in the industry.

The IntelliRoute TND system has been developed for use within the industry based on the experiences of professional truck drivers' analysis of hundreds of hours of on road testing.

The logging functions and route planning tools of the ranges 510 and 710 models have been designed to assist fleet drivers with their daily routines of planning, driving and reporting.

Featuring award winning navigation functions with durable mobile communication services, the TND 760 Fleet Edition system has been specifically developed to fully integrate with the vehicle's on board computer system.

The Truck PC in-vehicle element delivers the optimum management of HOS (hours of service) legislation compliance, communication and navigation solutions and facilitates internet access, document imaging and driving training capabilities.

The IntelliRoute software is utilized by both carriers and shippers to maximize the benefits offered from the practical routing and HHG functions in addition to the lowest dock to dock and costing options available within the market.

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Benefits of the TND 760

Adopting the services of the IntelliRoute TND 760 Fleet Edition system could not be easier. The package includes just one working unit, one cable and can be fully installed and ready to go in as little as 30 minutes.

Available for costs from $549.99 to purchase, or as part of a monthly plan from $19.95, the system provides a comprehensive raft of fleet management tools including:

  • Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity delivering email communication.
  • Access to electronic vehicle inspection data and driver logs.
  • The ability to monitor the performance of driver and vehicle.
  • Fleet specific navigation which provides 35% more truck routing data than competing GPS solutions.
  • The issuing of driver HOS warnings and alerts.

Having total access to the Rand McNally Fleet Tracking website will also provide customers with further benefits and facilities allowing for the optimum level of control and management of their mobile assets.

These will include:
  • The peace of mind and security of GPS tracking.
  • The comprehensive mapping and vehicle location software.
  • 24/7 access to real time alerts and geofencing.
  • The ability to collate and analyze driver logging reports and corrections.
  • The monitoring of a driver's idling time and vehicle fuel consumption, allowing the fleet manager to identify areas of non productivity where the driver can improve on his driving habits.
  • The ability to create performance scorecards which can be configured by vehicle or driver.
  • The capability to view data across 200+ vehicle metrics.

Case Study

TransCor America, LLC

Transcor logo

While Rand McNally has provided fleet management services in one form or another since the 1980's, the company's TND 760 has taken its fleet management capabilities to the next level.Rand McNally client TransCor America, LLC (TCA) found this out when implementing the TND 760 in its fleet. The company, which is a subsidiary of Corrections Corporation of America, specializes in prisoner transport, having transported more than a million detainees over the last quarter century.

TCA found that its previous fleet management provider’s solution would fall short of several upcoming federal regulations, so the company turned to Rand McNally. The TND 760 offers capability that's compliant with HOS, the E-Log mandate, and other DOT regulations. Initially designed for buses and other motor coaches, the 760 also offered a feature vital to a corrections company: multi-seat recording, which tracks the performance and hours of service for multiple drivers of a single vehicle.

Rand McNally also helped TCA to navigate FMCSA regulations, including compliance with the Federal Transportation of Dangerous Criminals Act of 2000, which regulates prisoner transport across state lines. The system has increased efficiency by streamlining the reporting process and making it more accurate, and has also helped driver performance by allowing drivers to spend more time focusing on the drive than on record-keeping.

Rand McNally are never far from the headlines in the industry trade media and have recently been recognized by Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine for inclusion in their Top 20 Products of 2013 for their HD100 device.

This innovative fleet management solution provides electronic HOS (hours of service) reporting, driver performance data and dispatch integrated messaging.

The system has been developed to allow GPS devices, smart phones and tablets to be transformed to provide EOBR (electronic on board recorder) compliant services.