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Omnitracs Review

When it comes to fleet management, Omnitracs does it all - and then some

Technology is the lifeblood of Omnitracs, and has been ever since the company was founded as a division of Qualcomm in 1988. While the company was spun off to a venture capital firm in 2014, it remains true to its roots as a key originator of telematics and fleet management technologies.

Omnitracs Review
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Omnitracs Roadnet Telematics

Omnitracs’ core fleet management solution is their Roadnet Telematics software. 

This complete tool combines their GPS tracking capabilities with diagnostics and reporting - giving fleet managers a 360 degree insight into their vehicles.

Features of Roadnet Telematics Software

  • Reduce Costs - Anticipate and prevent costly emergency maintenance work and save money on fuel using route optimisation
  • Environmental Compliance - With mounting pressure on companies to reduce environmental impact, telematics can help reduce unnecessary mileage and idling
  • Reporting - Advanced reporting keeps you on top of every aspect of managing your fleet and ensures that you are running your vehicles as efficiently as possible

Omnitracs Products


Omnitracs MCP50

The base model MCP50 is an inexpensive way to manage CSA requirements and fleet safety, while allowing quick installation and easy fleet monitoring. It transmits via CDMA cellular, and supports active GPS.


Omnitracs MCP100

The MCP100 installs easily, and thanks to internet connectivity, updates and upgrades are easier still. Driver workflow automates routing and load assignments, keeping your drivers running on time. Speeding, idle time, and engine abuse can also be monitored, saving money over the long term. And the Hours of Service application helps to ensure full FMCSA compliance.


Omnitracs MCP110

The MCP110 leverages In-Cab Navigation to give drivers efficient routes that reduce mileage while increasing productivity. Driver distraction is reduced thanks to a text-to-speech interface that eliminates the need for reading and typing. And the metrics collected simplify FMCSA compliance for carriers and drivers alike. The device hardware includes a 7" WVGA touch screen, Mobile Application Server, and a wireless interface box.


Omnitracs MCP200

The MCP200 is an end-to-end solution that improves workflow for the driver and back office alike. It boasts in-cab content and video delivery that can be used for customer service as well as driver training, while features like Wi-Fi, Media Manager, navigation, scanning and analytics increase productivity. Critical event reporting and fuel management functions allow fleet owners to control costs and fuel consumption.


Omnitracs TT210

The TT210 (Trailer Tracks) module works in tandem with the MCP110 and MCP200. A one-piece unit, it includes an antenna and solar cell, plus a rechargeable battery. A full-featured asset tracking and protection tool, it monitors trailer connections, inventory, temperature monitoring, trailer drops, and asset utilization, while also alerting the driver to the status of the door and trailer contents. It integrates to the FST (Field Service Tool) for configuration and diagnostics.

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Service Plans:

There are multiple service tiers, with contract terms ranging from one to five years. Assuming a five-year contract, the plans and starting prices are as follows:

  • EOBR Plan ($19.95)
  • Core Plan ($19.95)
  • Compliance Plan ($27.95)
  • Performance Plan ($27.95)
  • Premium Plan ($39.95)
  • Premium Trip Management Plan ($39.95)


Each plan represents a bundle of fleet management applications. Applications can be added to your plan (provided the device used supports the application) if they're not already included.

  • Trip Manager
  • Analytics Manager Basic (full reporting suite that provides analytics for individual vehicles and the fleet as a whole)
  • Hours of Service (an electronic on-board recorder (EOBR) application that keeps your fleet in FMCSA compliance, recording driving time)
  • Vehicle Inspection Report (manages vehicle inspection reports)
  • Critical Event Reporting (prevents accidents by monitoring driver activity in near real-time)
  • Performance Monitoring with Fuel Manager (tracks and manages fuel consumption)
  • Fault Monitoring (alerts for common engine fault codes)
  • Services Portal (a web-based fleet management tool)
  • Positions (vehicle geolocation)
  • Electronic Forms
  • Integration of third-party dispatch and back-office systems


Representatives help with full product and application setup and support. In addition to its Predictive Performance Service, the company also offers predictive analysis through its FleetRisk Advisors subsidiary.

Further support and training is available through a network of service centers, and via scheduled and on-demand webinars, in-person training, and onboard tutorials.

Case Studies

Two companies that have used Omnitracs' MCP50 to great effect are Virginia-based Harris Trucking Company, and Ohio trucking company Star Transport.

In both cases, the companies were able to use the MCP50 to improve compliance, reduce out-of-route mileage, increase customer satisfaction, and even keep drivers happy through ease of use and simplified log keeping that drastically reduced log violations while increasing mileage.

Harris Tracking Company MCP50

Harris Trucking Company boasts an on-time delivery record of more than 95%, without compromising quality or safety. By using the MCP50, the company hoped to keep up with rising costs and a rapidly evolving regulatory environment. A legacy Omnitracs customer, they were among the first to beta test the MCP50.

The company also reported improved fuel efficiency, as well as lower operational costs and higher driver productivity. Drivers took to the system quickly, especially when the Hours of Service application's minute-to-minute logging effectively recovered time lost to imprecise paper logging.

The MCP50 also reduced out of route miles by intelligent rerouting and avoiding low bridges. In addition, the process of assigning loads is more precise, driven by data and not by guesswork. As an added bonus, the MCP50 enabled the company to be ahead of the curve on electronic log compliance ahead of it becoming mandatory.

Star transport MCP50

Omnitracs helped bring Star Transport, Inc. - a company founded in the 1940's - decisively into the 21st Century. Star Transport was a legacy OmniTRACS customer that upgraded to the MCP50, citing "exemplary customer service" and a more robust application ecosystem.

They sought to lower out-of-route miles and violations, while elevating their customers' experience and keeping their drivers safe. Fuel efficiency reporting, driver performance monitoring, and automated DVIR submission streamlined the drivers' job, but also ensured a smoother back office workflow by limiting manual data entry errors.

Perhaps most importantly, administrative overhead was slashed, while the reduced time spent at the scales meant up to an additional 300 miles per week.

Expert Verdict

What began 25 years ago as a simple pingback service has evolved into a pacesetter for an entire industry. Today Omnitracs is at the head of a group of companies that includes former Qualcomm partner Sylectus, Minnesota-based XRS, Omnitracs Analytics (formerly Fleetrisk Advisors) and Roadnet Technologies, a conglomerate that stands ready for its next 25 years of telematics and fleet management innovation.