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NexTraq Review

Take your business to the next level with Nextraq's first-rate fleet management solutions

NexTraq is an American company headquartered in the Atlanta, Georgia area. The company's history since its 2000 founding has been one of nearly non-stop growth and innovation that's often set the pace for the telematics industry as a whole. They have also moved decisively into the hardware space, being one of the few companies to offer proprietary hardware alongside their software-based solutions.

NexTraq Review
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NextTraq Hardware

NexTraq offers hard-wired and plug-and-play vehicle tracking systems using CDMA, GSM and HSPA+ standards, allowing customers to choose between the Verizon and AT&T networks. The devices are tamper-proof, eliminating concerns over the accuracy of the tracking and driver behavior data they provide.

Since many of the devices have accessory ports, they can be expanded with additional sensors that track driver ID, PTO performance, temperature, asset, trailer and heavy equipment tracking, and means to measure anything else that keeps your business running from day to day.

Service Overview

Even the best technology is only as good as the applications it runs, so a variety of fleet management solutions are available, allowing for fleet tracking, fuel management, scheduling, assignment and dispatch, routing, driver behavior monitoring, and asset tracking.

Combine the flexibility to choose desktop or mobile web-based solutions with full reporting and businesses have real-time access to the information that matters, wherever or whenever they may need it. Custom applications also integrate seamlessly with Quickbooks and other third-party solutions to give owners and fleet managers more ways to leverage vital telematics data.

Service Tiers

There are three levels of service on offer: Track, Manage, and Dispatch. Track reports vehicle status at two-minute intervals, versus one-minute intervals for the other tiers. All tiers offer Google Maps, Geofencing, POI/Location data, breadcrumb trails, speed alerts, driver safety information, business reporting, full back-office dashboard, time and attendance, mobile access, and integration for QuickBooks and fuel cards (among other services).

Vehicle sensor support and routing are offered on the Manage and Dispatch packages, while the Dispatch package also adds a dispatching module, job scheduling and status, turn-by-turn directions, and in-cab driver messaging.

Nextraq fleet management

Fleet Coverage

Solutions are available for fleets as small as two vehicles. The tools offered are scalable, so whether the fleet in question is small but data-intensive or large yet low-maintenance, a solution can be designed that makes sense for the business's needs. Precise ETAs, intelligent scheduling, fuel monitoring and better business intelligence means getting more done with less money spent on fuel and labor.

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Tech Partners

NexTraq has established a number of technological partnerships that have shored up its service and market position. Partners include Google and Navteq (mapping capabilities), Verizon and AT&T (wireless carriers), Garmin (GPS technology), Fleetcor (payment processing), and additional support from the likes of Nexcom, CLC Lodging, Roadnet, deCarta, and Cellcontrol that expands the company's offerings for everything from back-office functions to finding overnight accommodations for drivers.

Training and Support

There are also several types of support to new and established customers. General application and hardware training and support are available via email, by phone, or in-person, with options to open service tickets via an online system.

NexTraq® Online Driver Education Courses allow businesses to take a proactive approach to driver education and driver safety issues by encouraging responsible driving and cutting back on accidents and fines. This, in turn, can decrease liability risks and their associated insurance costs. Study can be self-guided or assigned as needed.

Case Studies

15% More Revenue

Critical Power Solutions Nextraq

Critical Power Solutions proves that NexTraq delivers for small businesses in a big way. Their fleet is small -- only four vehicles -- but the business has benefited greatly from its experience.

Not only did it provide the right combination of low cost and ease of use, its tracking function allowed the company to keep tabs on its drivers, ensuring proper routing and safety, and ensuring that each location was serviced at peak efficiency. The company also recovered 15% more revenue on the basis of the more accurate billing enabled by the Fleet Tracking system.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Balitmore County Nextraq

NexTraq has proven equally adept at addressing the needs of larger clients, a point that's underscored by their work with Baltimore County, Maryland. Their fleet is much larger than Critical Power Solutions' fleet, but they made short work of outfitting the Baltimore County Department of Public Works' fleet of more than 600 vehicles, which was no small feat with winter in the offing.

Thanks to on-site installation, fleet downtime was minimal, and the units, once installed, virtually eliminated unauthorized use of DPW assets. The benefits continued well past the winter, since the product suite also saved money by cutting fuel consumption, while simultaneously reducing the fleet's carbon footprint in accordance with environmental initiatives.


As it closes in on its second decade of service, the company has seen some changes. These days, it operates under the aegis of FleetCor Technologies Company. Its signature MARCUS application is now called the NexTraq™ Platform, and the company has moved to fully embrace mobile and cloud computing.

One thing, however, has remained consistent: the company's adherence to its mission to "provide the most easy-to-use, reliable and comprehensive solution in the GPS vehicle and fleet tracking industry." That -- as much as its technological innovation, its support and service network, or its training programs -- goes a long way toward explaining why the company has attracted more than 7,500 customers, with a 95% satisfaction rating.