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National Fleet Tracking Review

Heavy duty vehicle tracking that's light on drawbacks

Founded in 2011, National Fleet Tracking is a relative newcomer to the fleet tracking business. In the time since, this small Texas-based company has de-emphasized hardware, choosing instead to stake its reputation in the SaaS (Software as a Service) space. The result is Fleet Track Pro, a full-service suite that can easily be adapted to a variety of business and industrial uses.

National Fleet Tracking Review
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Fleet Track Pro

Fleet Track Pro is a fleet data resource designed to provide more accurate ETA's for drivers, reduced fuel use by minimizing idle time, improve driver safety leading to lower insurance premiums, improve customer relationships and ultimately, increase profits through greater fleet productivity.

Money saved through the Fleet Track Pro will not only offset operating costs and increase profit margins but will also allow business owners to redirect money to mission-critical segments of the business.

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Industries Serviced

Concrete:Deploy concrete trucks efficiently and accurately, ensuring the dispatch of your closest assets to the jobsite quickly and safely.
Construction:Track trucks and trailers alike with a suite that includes location monitoring, motion detection and status reporting that maximizes performance while aiding in stolen Vehicle recovery.
Delivery:Track packages and vehicles, or send and receive updates instantly to your fleet's drivers, keeping your supply chain on track while you keep customers happy. Back-office idle time reporting ensures your drivers maximize their time and boost your bottom line.
Heavy Equipment/EME:National Fleet Tracking provides tracking and protection for both fixed and mobile assets, which is vital to an industry where equipment is prone to misuse and theft. NFT's solutions are accurate enough to be trackable in any situation, and rugged enough to be suited to both EROPS and OROPS-equipped machinery.
Oil and Gas:When dealing with hazardous materials in the setting of a highly-regulated industry, vigilance -- yours, and your drivers' -- is paramount. National Fleet Tracking's products help you manage risk while remaining DOT compliant.
Plumbing and HVAC:Commercial and domestic HVAC businesses alike benefit from knowing the location of their assets at all times. As a business owner, you will appreciate the lower costs in fuel and maintenance, while your customers will appreciate your drivers making their appointments on a timely basis.
Trucking:NFT's Fleet Track Pro (used in conjunction with a Garmin Dezl) automates Hours of Service (HOS), Driver-Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reporting and keeps the data within easy reach, boosting your CSA score and DOT compliance in one fell swoop. Speed and idle time tracking increase productivity, while spoken turn by turn directions reduce distraction. Insurance costs are generally lowered as well.
Shipping:GPS in a Box: When tracking and temperature are vital to your load arriving intact, GPS in a Box is an ideal solution. In addition to the usual tracking data, GPS in a Box allows shipping companies and drivers alike to be proactive, since it adds real-time temperature and access alerts to prevent product damage, theft, or unauthorized delivery.
National Fleet Track Pro Review

National Fleet Tracking Support

National Fleet Tracking supports its products by phone and email, in addition to a series of videos and downloadable collateral. The company also promises ease in service changes and cancellations, whether for a single vehicle or an entire fleet.

Our Verdict

National Fleet Tracking's cloud-based SaaS applications keep vital tracking information at business owners' fingertips, whether they're on an office desktop, a tablet in an airport lounge, or a laptop in an out-of-the-way cafe.

The company is able to offer a wide range of customizable and fully scalable solutions to an equally diverse array of industries. While still a young company, NFT has already gained a solid foothold in a fiercely competitive field.