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Motorola Fleet Management Review

Productivity through commerce simply cannot happen if goods fail to be transported efficiently through the supply chain from point to point.

Motorola recognize that the demand for faster, cheaper and safer transportation of goods and assets is more vital to industry survival than ever before.

Specializing in the provision of cutting edge RFID (radio frequency identification) solutions to all areas of the commercial transportation sector, Motorola have become renowned for the effectiveness and functionality of their fleet management solutions.

Their recognition of the fact that the increase in globalization means the inevitable increase in the distances between the point of manufacture and the point of consumption has allowed the company to understand that all providers of commercial transportation services must optimize the efficiency of their fleet, in order to deliver ongoing growth and productivity and enhanced levels of customer service.

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Benefits and Functions from Motorola Fleet Management

The Motorola suite of RFID fleet management solutions have been designed to increase the visibility of mobile assets and to simplify the delivery of asset management capabilities.

Applications include depot management, pick up and delivery scheduling and dispatch software.

Functions will also deliver the ability to optimize fleet tracking, the improvement of customer service through an increase in accurate and on-time deliveries and a reduction of labor costs with enhanced efficiency for the loading, tracking and delivery of loads.

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Fleet managers will benefit from lower instances of cargo loss through theft, expiration or mishandling and may expect improved safety rates with secure freight handling delivered through electronic manifests and container management tools.

As every hauler will know, fleet and driver visibility plays a large part in the effective management of their workforce.

Motorola RFID solutions will help to increase those levels of visibility through the monitoring of vehicle location, driver and vehicle performance and the ability to identify instances of poor driving, excess idling, inaccurate load pick ups and general non-productivity.

Active benefits will include more effective vehicle deployment, allowing the closest truck to be sent to the nearest customer, and improved safety resulting in fewer accidents and insurance claims.

The fleet management systems will also provide for optimum levels of compliance with all state and industry regulations and the more effective management of labor.

The monitoring of driver hours are logged using an automated electronic reporting application which will also record time-sheet and invoice data to simplify the validation of mandate and compliance obligations.

In the highly competitive sector of commercial transportation, it is important to maintain the highest levels of customer service. The adoption of a Motorola RFID fleet management solution will deliver every available advantage to the company to stay one step ahead of their rivals.

Drivers are enabled to process on the spot transactions, correct any errors and reorder the required goods. Customers also have the capability to track their delivery online, allowing them access to real time information on the status of their order.

Dispatch services also have the ability to optimize routing, ensuring that loads are delivered within the correct timescale and can maintain constant communication with the driver advising him of any alterations to his schedule.

Every fleet manager is aware of the importance of maintaining his trucks in the optimum state of repair. With the Motorola automated record keeping application, it is possible to plan a maintenance package for each vehicle simply by reading the RFID tag.

Any defects in the engine, under the bonnet or with the bodywork can immediately be reported to the centralized database through the integrated WLAN connection, effectively reducing the length of downtime for the truck.