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MiX Telematics Review

The Mobile Resource Management (MRM)/fleet management space has, to a large degree, originated and matured in the United States and then expanded outward from there. Some of the sector's oldest and best-known names, like Wheels and FleetMatics, have followed this pattern.

MiX Telematics turns that model on its head, having been founded in South Africa, gained a global presence, and then broken into the American market. And that's far from the only way that the company has broken the mold when it comes to fleet management.

MiX Telematics Review
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MiX Telematics Solutions

MiX Telematics offers a wide range of services that are targeted to improving four measures of business performance: efficiency, safety, compliance, and security. By covering those areas thoroughly, the bottom line -- your bottom line -- benefits. In the end, it translates to more profit with fewer headaches.

MiX Fleet Manager

MiX Fleet Manager is a full-fledged fleet management solution that features an onboard computer tethered to an online portal with access to a full battery of reports and analytics for the full fleet and its individual drivers. A suite of mobile applications gives full-time access to all critical data points, and the company gives 'round the clock support for the service. This fleet management solution is offered on two tiers

MiX Fleet Manager EssentialThe MiX Fleet Manager Essential is a light and affordable solution for fleets that do not require a full-service fleet management system. MiX Locate provides the same tracking utilities with the same ease of use and real-time response to maintenance issues, vehicle speed, unsafe braking or acceleration, geofencing, and arrival/departure alerts. Drivers also benefit, thanks to the inclusion of Google Maps integration for navigation and trip replay.
MiX Fleet Manager PremiumThe MiX Fleet Manager Premium package is for fleets wanting a holistic fleet management solution. The Premium tracking package offers fleet operated business to take advantage of sophisticated software designed to provide fleet managers with in-depth data about vehicle and driver performance. Mix Telematics state that the Premium package is proven to bring guaranteed results.

MiX Rovi II

The MiX Rovi II in-cab display provide in-cab monitoring in tandem with driver scoring and exception reports, and service alerts can be triggered based on mileage, trip duration, or engine hours. Tracking and reporting take place in real time with a continuous live stream of information, allowing fleet managers to address anything from dispatch and routing to potential maintenance and safety issues as the need arises.

Users can customize the types of data gathered and how they are presented. Taken together, this leads to reduced costs for fuel and maintenance, marked improvements in driver safety, better asset allocation and use, improved compliance and communication, and ultimately, enhanced customer service.

MiX Safedrive

MiX Safedrive is an application targeted at driver safety, reducing the number of accidents caused by unsafe driving and driver error. It helps to train drivers in defensive driving, while its built-in In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS) monitors, identifies, and corrects unsafe driver behaviors. Customers also have access to a full systems and performance audit from MiX safety consultants, improving driver safety, lowering risk exposure, and decreasing cost and liability.

Mix telematics review

Industries Served

While many of its competitors have gone after such low-hanging fruit as trucking fleets, MiX has excelled in providing customized products and services to niche industries. The industries MiX serves are included in the list below.

Industries Served By MiX Telematics
ConstructionWhere MiX solutions have led to more efficient asset use, better maintenance, reduced fuel consumption, and enhanced security
Emergency ServicesWhere improved routing and communication can literally be a matter of life and death
Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)With optimized routing and incident reporting to prevent lost profits from spoiled product
Government FleetsAllowing efficient routing, correction of driver behavior, and the "greening" of vehicle use
MiningWhere telematics data is leveraged to improve operator safety and compliance in demanding conditions
Oil and GasWith Hours of Service (HOS) and IFTA data collection streamlining regulatory compliance
Public Transportation SystemsWhere location, trip duration, and arrival/departure times mean fuel savings, accident prevention, and customer satisfaction
Rental FleetsWhere utilization and maintenance reports extended fleet life
SecurityWhere vehicle location and real-time delivery of vault and door codes at customer sites reduced risk exposure for armored car fleets
UtilitesWhere MiX has enabled fleet optimization and improved response time on service calls
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Case Studies

PepsiCo Egypt

Pepsico Logo

Driver safety is a challenge. When a company operates a 3,000 vehicle fleet and operates in a country with the world's highest road deaths per capita, those challenges are compounded. By implementing a road safety initiative in partnership with MiX Telematics and local affiliate Fleet Information Technology (FIT), PepsiCo Egypt was able to incentivize good driver behavior while reining in driver violations through warnings and retraining. The program showed results within three months of implementation, with added benefits of lower operational costs and more efficient vehicle utilization.


Halliburton logo

Halliburton's United Arab Emirates division utilizes a 200-unit fleet, a combination of light vehicles and 4x4s, to transport workers and materials between far-flung oil and gas reservoirs. The company's goals in implementing the MiX Telematics FM Performer were to decrease accidents and better coordinate asset allocation across multiple regions. The system's driver behavior monitoring issued alerts to drivers and fleet management for speeding, erratic driving, hard stops, and excessive acceleration.

Drivers were able to immediately correct their driving, while the company was able to improve driver training and to have detailed incident reporting in the event of an accident. As a result, Halliburton reported improved outcomes not only for their own drivers' safety, but also for the other drivers with whom they shared the roads.


In 2014, Forbes contributor Tom Konrad called MiX Telematics "undervalued" relative to the rest of the field. Calling out the company's history of global service, market leadership, and knack for providing the right solutions to larger clients that might cause competitors in the SMB (Small and Medium Business) space to stumble, Konrad noted that MiX might be undervalued for now, but that it wouldn't stay that way for long. The company's customers, comprising half a million subscribers in 120 countries, would likely agree.