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LoJack Vehicle Tracking Review

LoJack Vehicle Tracking Review

LoJack was founded in 1986. Their signature product at the time was a stolen vehicle recovery system that proved to be remarkably effective. Thirty years on, the company's name is still synonymous with vehicle recovery, but its business portfolio is far more diverse than its reputation would suggest. The company still develops and sells vehicle and asset recovery hardware, but has branched out to other products that leverage similar tech to different ends, including inventory and supply chain management, SafetyNet Tracking Systems (which keep tabs on individuals at risk of wandering or becoming lost), and fleet management.

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LoJack Products

LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

It's a depressing fact of life that vehicle theft is big business for thieves, and can cripple your business if you're not prepared. LoJack offers standard-duty equipment for cars and light trucks, and ruggedized equipment for everything from heavy-duty trucks to earth moving equipment.

LoJack Connect for Equipment

When it comes to heavy equipment - trailers, excavators, generators, screeners, and other large assets - it seems like anything that isn't bolted down is fair game. Contractors and construction companies especially have come to realize that it's not enough to protect your fleet; it helps to have eyes on your equipment 24/7 to prevent theft or to recover assets if the worst happens.

LoJack Construction Vehicles

LoJack GPS Fleet Tracking and Monitoring

It turns out that the same tech that helps in locating lost or stolen equipment can be leveraged for other uses as well. Not least of these is fleet management. LoJack Fleet Tracking, provided in tandem with TomTom, gives you a full-time snapshot of the whereabouts of your fleet and drivers. Besides monitoring fleet activity, fleet managers can manage fuel costs, control idle time and overtime, and find ways to cut costs without cutting corners.

LoJack Benefits

LoJack's fleet management solution is easily scalable, covering a fleet as small as five vehicles or as many as five thousand. The types of fleets served are similarly varied. In short, any fleet manager that would benefit from knowing the whereabouts of their vehicles, trailers, and equipment would benefit from a robust fleet tracking system. The ability to use geofencing cuts down on the chances of moonlighting or theft, and telematics systems can save money not only on fuel and maintenance, but may also lower your insurance premiums.

LoJack Software

When money is tight, a good telematics and fleet management solution pays for itself by directing money from areas of waste - overtime, over-spending on fuel, fleet downtime due to theft or disrepair - back into your business, ensuring that your fleet remains a profit center for your company.

LoJack Coverage

While LoJack's vehicle recovery service has proven highly effective - resulting in a 90% recovery rate - there is one major caveat. The service is only available in 29 states and Washington, DC. As of this writing, only three states - Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island - have full coverage. Others, from New York to Pennsylvania, and even tiny Delaware, offer only partial coverage. If you're going to invest in LoJack specifically for vehicle recovery for a fleet, you should pay close attention to how LoJack's coverage overlaps with the areas in which you operate.

Expert Verdict

Thirty years after it was founded, LoJack retains its reputation as being the go-to system for recovering stolen vehicles and assets, and in the areas where it has coverage it does that very well. For some fleet managers - especially those managing service and construction fleets - this would be reason enough to give the company and its products a closer look. However, as the company has diversified into other GPS-based solutions, its potential as a full-fledged fleet management tool has become readily apparent.

While not as well-known for its fleet management offerings (especially when compared to the likes of Garmin, Fleetmatics, and Wheels Fleet Management), LoJack nonetheless offers a fleet management solution that would be an asset to any fleet that seeks to control expenses, run more efficiently, and, yes, prevent theft or loss of assets.