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LeasePlan USA Fleet Management Review

Leaseplan USA makes fleet management easier than ever

Founded in 1983, LeasePlan USA is the American subsidiary of a global company with over fifty years’ experience. They provide much more than telematics. They're a full lifecycle fleet management company that provides acquisition, lease, and finance assistance for vehicles of all types (cars, trucks, tractors, and corporate aircraft), trains, and heavy equipment. The company's clients account for more than one and a half million vehicles operating in 32 countries. Read on to find out more about the products and services offered by the company.

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Businesses Served

While LeasePlan USA services fleets of varying sizes across a number of industries, they have segmented their business to identify and serve four primary markets: truck fleets (tractor trailers, LTL, intermodal), work and service fleets, SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) fleets, and global fleets. Each of these segments benefits from a series of targeted solutions developed on the basis of LeasePlan's fifty years of global experience. Just as each type of business has different needs, so too do their fleet lifecycles differ. For this reason, LeasePlan USA doesn't offer one-size-fits-all solutions.

LeasePlan USA Services

Leasing brings with it a host of advantages. Leases eliminate the hassles of purchasing, securing a down payment, and selling the vehicle once you've determined its time is up. Your lease payments may be considered an operating expense, and thus be eligible as a tax write-off. Leasing is also ideal for vehicles and assets that are needed only on a temporary basis, or for sales and service fleets where having the latest model of a vehicle can help boost your customers' confidence in your business.

However, leasing brings with it its own set of unique challenges, which LeasePlan USA seeks to address. They offer consulting services to address your long-term business objectives and how your fleet fits them. If your business needs to grow its fleet or replace aging assets, LeasePlan helps your business plan, acquire, and fund your new vehicles and equipment.

Maintenance and repair management services ensure that your fleet stays healthy, while driver and vehicle management ensure that your fleet and its drivers are run safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Finally, LeasePlan USA has the global presence and experience to navigate the legal and logistical hurdles that come with operating fleets in multiple countries.

LeasePlan USA Benefits

Cost Savings

When your margins are razor-thin, or when you'd simply like to have a healthier bottom line, a full-lifecycle fleet management solution helps you reduce total cost of ownership, lower payroll and operating overheads, as well as identifying and eliminating areas where your money is going to waste (such as idle time, fuel waste, moonlighting, and unauthorized overtime).


There are only so many hours in the day. Whatever your fleet does every day - deliveries, service calls, installations, maintenance, and more - a more efficient dispatch and routing system means getting the right vehicles and people on site, and getting them there faster. That, in turn, means less time in transit and more billable hours each day.

Risk Management

Businesses come with risks we can't always anticipate or control. However, an experienced fleet management business can spot some risks from a mile away and help you mitigate them; whether it's keeping your fleet safer, or addressing the depreciation of your fleet.


In one way or another - size, profits, presence - all businesses want to grow. Growing the right way, by not taking on unnecessary risks and expenses, can ensure that your growth lasts and your business is in it for the long haul. Right-sizing your fleet can be a vital first step in that process.

International Presence

If your business does, or wants to do, business in the global marketplace, it helps to have a partner on the ground who can show you the lay of the land. LeasePlan USA is part of a global network that can ensure that your entire fleet can be monitored from one location, whist making sure that it's compliant with local laws, rules, and regulations no matter where it may be.

Case Studies

ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas

ThyssenKrupp Elevator America are the nations largest producers of elevators, with over 200 branches across the country and 13,500 employees.

A fleet is only useful when it's running. ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas was experiencing significant downtime because any time a repair or routine maintenance was needed, it had to undergo a lengthy approval process that sidelined vehicles and their drivers. That downtime was costing the company time and money. By implementing LeasePlan's Maintenance & Repair Management program, tethered 24/7 to a Customer Contact Center, the approval process was streamlined.

This allowed downtime to be drastically reduced, and saved an estimated 1.1 million dollars. While ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas operates a fleet of about three thousand vehicles, the solution implemented, and the results they saw with LeasePlan, can be applied to a fleet of nearly any size.

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was the second-costliest hurricane in US history, Sandy rocked the New Jersey coast in late October 2012 after starting as a tropical wave in the western Caribbean sea a few days previously.

Power outages were widespread in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, to the extent that some estimates stated that up to 80% of gas stations in New Jersey were shut down. With miles-long lines at the few filling stations that were open, many of LeasePlan USA's fleet customers were finding it difficult to keep their fleets moving.

Timely updates to the company's fuel-finder app kept drivers from wasting precious fuel looking for filling stations. Furthermore, in conjunction with several partners - including oil refineries, fuel retailers, the National Guard and FEMA - LeasePlan dispatched fuel trucks from which their clients' fleet vehicles could be fueled directly. While this was in many ways a once-in-a-lifetime event, it showed the lengths to which LeasePlan would go to assist its customers.

Expert Verdict

With so many competitors in the fleet management segment, it takes something extra to truly stand out. LeasePlan USA manages to do this by expanding their range of offerings to encompass practically every aspect of fleet management, branching out beyond telematics to be a true full-lifecycle solution.

This comprehensive approach makes them ideal for new or expanding businesses that need to grow their fleets, but also makes them a smart choice for companies whose fleets have been cobbled together over time, since LeasePlan can assist in right-sizing and standardizing fleets for optimal performance.