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FleetLocate Review

FleetLocate builds upon the best elements of past software in the series

FleetLocate is a company whose young age belies deep roots in the fleet management and telematics spaces. The company is a member of the Spireon family of companies, and while Spireon has interests in subprime vehicle finance and trailer/asset management, FleetLocate illustrates the depth of Spireon's commitment to Mobile Resource Management (MRM).

FleetLocate Review
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Industries Served

FleetLocate serves a range of fleet sizes, and an equally diverse client base. GPS fleet tracking tools are available for residential and commercial contractors, installers, courier and delivery drivers, state and local governments, health care and visiting nurse services, towing and plow fleets, logistics companies, and movers. The company also offers products tailored to powered and non-powered assets that are often used in those industries, such as heavy machinery, trailers, and shipping containers.

User Friendly Fleet Management Software

While it's not unusual for a company to design with its customers in mind, FleetLocate is unique in that it was designed in part through active collaboration with its customers. What's resulted is an interface that provides just the right combination of useful features, a user-friendly interface, and the ability to keep the metrics that matter within easy reach.

The latest iteration of the FleetLocate back office has been rebuilt from top to bottom. Its graphical user interface (GUI) makes the information you need easier to find and interpret. Workflow features have been improved to increase efficiency and productivity. Jobs, job statuses and messages can be retrieved on a single screen, and vehicle statuses are always on view. Map functionality, including improved Google Maps integration and navigation functions, is likewise more robust.

FleetLocate Products


VehiclePath VP2500

The VP2500 Series is the backbone of FleetLocate GPS fleet tracking hardware. These enterprise-class devices come with a three year warranty, and are powered by CDMA or GPRS technology to ensure cost savings without sacrificing a high degree of reliability and driver safety.

With their standard internal antennas, they are both easy to install and suitable for covert installation. Optional antennas are available, as are multiple input/output options. With their compatibility with Garmin devices, remote configuration options, and the ability to store and forward tens of thousands of data points, FleetLocate's hardware options grow with your fleet.



Fleet owners' options are further expanded with the inclusion of GPS asset tracking devices. The BAT60 includes battery power and an internal antenna, making it a completely self-contained unit.



The AT312EQ is a highly energy-efficient unit designed for powered equipment, and provides vital information points on engine hours and voltage monitoring.



The AT312TT is designed for trailer tracking.

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Vehicle Path Service+ Program

Vehicle Path's Service+ Program, rather than being a single product or service, bundles hardware, software and service for a single monthly fee. With nothing to buy and no contract, this leasing option provides the benefits of ownership (including a lifetime warranty) at a lower cost and without headaches.

Better still, the program includes product enhancements as they're released, meaning that your technology and the software that makes it run will always be up to date. It's an ideal solution for companies that are new to fleet management, or that wish to adopt new technology while avoiding high up-front costs or the burden of a long contract.

Service+ is complemented by the FleetLocate Knockout Program, which lets companies upgrade technology on a rolling basis while still enjoying a substantial savings over buying new. Given the rapid pace at which technology, software and services evolve, these programs help companies stay on the bleeding edge of technology without bleeding their wallets dry.

Vehicle Path fleet management


A full-time snapshot of your fleet's whereabouts and its activity is offered. As an owner or fleet manager, you will always know where your vehicles and collateral assets are, enabling you to utilize what you've got far more efficiently. Unauthorized use and travel, theft of vehicles, assets, or fuel, waste and fraud, and excessive idling can all be tracked and combated. Maintenance alerts ensure that your fleet receives the TLC it needs, when it needs it.

However, a fleet's human assets -- their safety and their behavior -- are every bit as important as the location and condition of its rolling stock. Because of this, FleetLocate's solutions are also designed with drivers in mind. No less important, therefore, is the fact that fleet managers can handle safety concerns, routing and scheduling, customer/driver interactions, and more efficient routing, all of which can help your business to do its best by retaining its best people.

Customer Support

In addition to email and live phone support, FleetLocate also offers a nationwide network of resellers and agents, and allows customers to demo products.

Our Verdict

FleetLocate's cloud-based SaaS solution has helped more than two million active subscribers, with fleets of varying sizes, to leverage fleet metrics and business intelligence that's delivered in real time via an intuitive interface.

Using FleetLocate services, fleet operators should see improved performance and dispatch, greater safety and driver retention, and reduced operating costs. The company's deep roots in MRM enable it to draw on a long history of innovation and market leadership to provide maximum benefit to its customers.