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Fleet Trax Review

Founded in 2002, Fleet Trax has slowly but steadily moved to the head of a very crowded field. Technically part of the Prophesy Transportation Solutions family of companies, Fleet Trax is firmly established in its own right. This is due in part to delivering a robust and genuinely useful product (not something we take for granted). It's also due in no small part to the fact that the product in question benefits its users' bottom line as much as the vendor's, which we don't take for granted either.

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Businesses Served

Fleet Trax promises, "We Cater to All Businesses with Vehicles." What might seem like hyperbole from an overzealous marketer actually has some truth to it, since the company provides GPS, fleet, and asset tracking products that are suitable for the needs of practically anything on wheels. If you're running a cab company or limo service, a service fleet, local or regional distribution, a tow service, a municipal DPW, or a construction company, there's a way to leverage Fleet Trax to benefit your business or public entity.

Fleet Trax Products and Services

Fleet Tracking

Fleet Trax offers hidden, hard-wired devices for covert tracking alongside plug-and-play trackers that are as easy to install as they are to use, or to scale to fleets of all sizes. The software is just as robust. Reports, alerts, and maintenance schedules can be customized.

The open API allows for custom integrations like fuel cards, Google Maps and QuickBooks that help your fleet run better. Not only do you have full-time awareness of where your fleet is at any given time, you also have access to actionable intelligence that helps you run it more efficiently.

Asset Tracking

Tracking construction equipment and trailers can be just as vital to many business fleets as keeping tabs on their trucks. To that end, Fleet Trax offers two types of trackers: hard-wired, which run off an external power supply (like the battery on a wheel loader) with internal battery backup, and battery powered, which runs off an internal battery. The former pings four times per day, while the latter will ping once a day or demand.

Geofencing and custom alerts will let fleet managers know when assets are moved or stolen, and will alert on unauthorized use. Alerts can also be sent when it's time for scheduled maintenance, prolonging the life of your equipment.


Getting the right assets and people on site on a timely basis is just as key as knowing the whereabouts of your fleet. Fleet Trax dispatch tools integrate with Garmin navigation systems, or the smart device (phone or tablet) of your choice, to facilitate two-way communication, accurate and optimized driver routes, job completion notifications, and real-time re-routing to take advantage of available techs and assets.


EOBR logging can be done through a hard-wired in-cab display or via a smart device. Tracking hours of service (HOS) Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR), and Electronic Vehicle Inspection Records (EVIR) electronically drastically reduces errors, boosts compliance, and cuts down on administrative headaches.

Fleet Trax Benefits

Fleet Trax offers numerous benefits to business and government fleets.

No Contracts

Seasonal businesses, or businesses that tend to be cyclical in nature, will appreciate the ability to take on (or leave behind) the service as needed without being burdened by a contract.

Dedicated Account Managers

Product support begins before the sale with an extensive consultation to determine your business's needs and the proper products and services to meet them. It continues through - and past - a period of intensive training and product support.


Businesses report gains in productivity that average 20% due to better allocation of resources and assets.

Fleet Trax on multiple devices

Cost Controls

From maintenance costs and excess overtime to overall fuel spend, Fleet Trax gives fleet managers access to the kind of metrics that enable them to stretch every dollar further.

Driver Benefits

Monitor driver behavior and performance to cut down on idle time, address safety concerns, and increase productivity.


EOBR and e-logging improve the accuracy of record keeping, and with it, your company's regulatory compliance.


The ability to improve driver performance while also safeguarding your equipment and vehicles can lead to major savings on your insurance premiums.

Fleet Trax Customer Feedback

Fleet Trax has a customer retention rate that approaches 98 percent. When you hear what their customers have to say about the company, you begin to understand why they're so faithful. Al Chaney of Glenwood Beer Distributors is a self-confessed technophobe, but loves the ease of installation and use. Select Energy Services notes that the savings on things like fuel costs and speeding tickets mean that Fleet Trax pays for itself.

Companies like EXSIF and Gold Coast Eagle found the diagnostic reporting features especially useful, since the data ensures that their fleets stay in optimum condition. Pro Oilfield Services has even gone so far as to take the money saved on fuel expenses to create a system of performance incentives for their drivers, greatly improving morale. The moral of these stories: there are any number of reasons to adopt Fleet Trax, and any number of benefits your company can realize once it does.

Expert Verdict

Fleet Trax is a relatively late arrival to the crowded fleet management and telematics markets. However, they've spent nearly a decade and a half since their arrival making up for lost time by attracting an enormous user base, and boasting a near-98% retention rate. Customers appreciate the products and services offered, and the positive impact on their fleet business's bottom line.

Fleet Trax is further helped by excellent support, a fee structure that's generous to seasonal businesses and others that are sensitive to market fluctuations, and products that emphasize ease of use without skimping on function. Whether you're new to fleet management, or just looking for a new provider, Fleet Trax deserves a closer look.