What Is DriveCam?

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By Julia Watts | Content Manager

Lytx began life as DriveCam in San Diego in 1998. Today, the company stands as proof that good things do come from modest beginnings. In this case, the company was inspired by a road rage incident involving one of the company’s founders. His response was to start DriveCam, with the aim of keeping drivers safer.

In the years since, DriveCam’s mission and client base have expanded. What began as a consumer-centered company now covers fleet and risk management services across industries.


DriveCam was initially positioned as a consumer product. However, its commercial value quickly became apparent. Today, Lytx’s DriveCam has thousands of commercial clients spanning multiple industries. These include mass transportation, waste management, food service, natural gas, military, and the public sector.

DriveCam Programs

DC Enterprise is Lytx’s business product suite. It’s designed to save fleets money and improve road safety by giving video feedback on driver behavior. This gives fleet managers the tools to reward model drivers and support drivers who show a need for improvement. To this end, the suite calculates safety scores for each driver that remove the guesswork from driver evaluation.

DC Protect and DC Highway are algorithm-driven programs that focus on fleet management. Because they’re built on an open-source API, they integrate smoothly with third-party fleet management systems. Protect and Highway are cloud-based, which guarantees safety, security, confidentiality, and 24/7 access. In addition to ensuring consistent uptime, this also alleviates updating and security concerns.

How It Works

DriveCam’s Three Main Components
Video Event Recorder: This recorder, which is mounted in the cab or on the windshield, captures incident-specific video of the driver and their surroundings for 12-second increments (8 seconds before and four seconds after an incident). This video is combined with telematics (location, speed, direction), mapping (to show clusters of events) and analytics to predict and prevent high-risk behavior.
DriveCam Online: This cloud-based application shows data on critical activities by driver or for the fleet as a whole, and pairs that information with mapping capabilities, email alerts, and suggested coaching action plans that improve driver outcomes.
Reporting Utilities: The reports delivered by the online dashboard are widely varied. There are the expected fleet management components (fuel management, real-time tracking, navigation, trip histories) and compliance data reporting through the proprietary RAIR system. However, the centerpiece of DriveCam is its incident-based reporting, which provides video from potential safety incidents (speeding, hard braking, erratic driving, collisions) that is collected as it happens for later analysis and action.

What’s more, DriveCam’s predictive algorithms update continually based on data from thousands of drivers. In this way, DriveCam ensures that drivers and fleet managers benefit from the latest research.


DriveCam captures driver behavior data in real time which is then uploaded via wireless network. The data can be added to reports, and shared with drivers via an in-cab alert system. Many fleets even include DriveCam footage in their training materials for new drivers.

DriveCam generates continual feedback for fleet managers about driver performance. It helps customers to reward good driving, and fix risky behaviors before major issues arise. And the end result? Lower insurance costs, better CSA BASICs compliance, and fewer false insurance and liability claims.


Lytx offers dedicated account management and 24/7 toll-free phone and email customer support. The company’s dealer network also provides a repair service for their event recorders.

Case Studies

City of Mobile, Alabama

The city of Mobile hoped to cut its accident rate among its garbage trucks and DPW vehicles. The DriveCam system delivered by helping the city focus on small, but vital, indicators. The scoring and coaching data provided by DriveCam helped the city to address drivers’ unsafe driving habits.

Seatbelt use went up, mobile phone use plummeted, and city vehicle accidents fell 39% the year after. Those drivers who were initially reticent soon changed their views about DriveCam. “There was no more ‘he said, she said,'” as one city official put it. It also reduced the city’s liability exposure significantly.

Schupan and Sons

When this scrap metal recycler noticed a drop in its fleet safety (and its CSA scores), it couldn’t figure out why. The company implemented DriveCam Protect with hopes of improving its safety record.

Using DriveCam Online reporting, Schupan was able to give tailored coaching to the drivers that needed it most. The company’s safety score improved by 35%, and its reputation within the community shot up.


Safety is a prime concern for many drivers. For fleet managers, who deal with multiple drivers on a daily basis, those concerns are greatly multiplied.

The services offered by Lytx/DriveCam help drivers and fleet managers to address safety issues. DriveCam uses a combination of well-designed hardware and data-driven feedback that empowers drivers. That results in better performance and fewer accidents and other adverse incidents on the road.

Julia Watts Content Manager

Specializing in the complex realms of telephone systems, business energy, vehicle tracking, asset tracking, and fuel cards, Julia writes content that cuts through the noise to help you find the right solutions and technologies for your business. Having spent five years working across the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, she loves helping exciting ventures – big or small – to flourish.

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