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Common Vehicle Tracking Problems

Vehicle tracking systems can bring a wealth of benefits to businesses of all sizes but that doesn't mean they are completely problem free.

Here are some of the most common problems associated with implementing vehicle tracking in your business:

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1. Your System is Too Big for Your Business

When you start to look into vehicle tracking systems, it is easy to become excited about all of the information they can give you about your business.

The problem is that if you have a small business or are not completely dependent upon your fleet, you may have an over engineered system that is heavy to administrate and costs too much to provide any clear financial benefit.

Sometimes a more simple system is all you need, and whilst it won't have all of the features that look so tempting in the beginning, it will give you a return on your investment and provide the right level of information for your business without a significant investment of time.

2. Your Employees Think You Don't Trust Them

One of the worst things for any business is to have an 'us and them' mentality between staff and management.

Sadly, the installation of vehicle tracking systems can create a sense of mistrust in your employees out in the field.

It is important to be honest with your staff. Let them know about all the benefits investing in such a system will bring so that they understand it is not about them as individuals but a concerted effort and investment to improve the business for the benefit of all.

3. It Isn't the Answer to Your Business Problems

Sometimes business owners and managers can have unrealistic expectations of what systems can do. Vehicle tracking provides a wealth of data that, transformed into business intelligence, can provide valuable insight into your business and how it can be improved.

However, the benefits are only reaped when the information is used effectively. Knowing where your vehicles are at any given point doesn't save your business money, but using that information to dispatch the right vehicle to the right job at the right time definitely does.

4. It's An Extra Overhead

Vehicle tracking does not generate a tangible income; rather it identifies areas where money can be saved and opportunities to increase profits.

That means, unfortunately, that unless the cash is readily available, many cost sensitive businesses may just see it as an expense rather than an investment.

It can also be hard to directly monitor the savings and increased income generated by the vehicle tracking system and so it can start to feel like a burden as opposed to a valuable asset.