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BrickHouse Security GPS Tracking

BrickHouse Security GPS Tracking

BrickHouse Security is a privately-held security company founded in New York by entrepreneur Todd Morris in 2005. What began as a one-man online store with only two products has, in the intervening decade, diversified its product line to include alarm systems, security and hidden cameras, and GPS trackers. During that time, its revenue has grown to the tens of millions of dollars, and the company now serves 400 of the Fortune 500, alongside government agencies, law enforcement, and more than 40,000 businesses worldwide. Given the company's strong presence in GPS tracking, its fleet management offerings were a natural next step.

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BrickHouse Security Products and Services

Multiple Hardware Choices

BrickHouse offers hard-wired, battery-powered, and plug-and-play GPS hardware, meaning you can always find the right solution for your assets and your unique circumstances.

Fleet Monitoring

A customizable dashboard gives fleet managers a full-time snapshot of the whereabouts of their fleet, both as a whole and its individual components.


Like the dashboard, reports can be customized to track time on site, productivity, fuel use, vehicle maintenance schedules, and more.


Get the right assets and people to the job faster.

Cloud-Based Architecture

Web-based delivery means that you can monitor your fleet from anywhere with an internet or Wi-Fi connection, including your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet of your choice.

BrickHouse Security Benefits

Route Optimization

The routes your drivers take out of habit may not be the best ones. BrickHouse helps you identify the quickest and most efficient routes to maximize time on-site and improve response times.

Monitor Driver Performance

From idle time to moonlighting, and from time spent on site to driver productivity, fleet managers get data that they can turn into tangible results.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Leveraging fleet data and business intelligence helps you get the right assets on site on time, increasing efficiency while leading to more jobs completed per day and a higher rate of customer satisfaction and retention.

Insurance Discounts

A safer fleet isn't just cheaper to run; it's cheaper to insure.

Theft Recovery

If vehicles or assets are stolen, BrickHouse Security can help you recover them, reducing fleet down time and saving money on costly repairs and vehicle replacement.

Fuel Management

Cutting back on time spent idling, optimizing routes, and managing fuel spend saves money while reducing your fleet's carbon footprint.

Vehicle Life

Adhering to maintenance schedules and decreasing risky driver behaviors extend the life of your fleet.

Cost Savings

As you've likely gathered by now, the systems and benefits delivered by BrickHouse Security's fleet management hardware and the software that backs it can offer your business huge cost savings and make the system pay for itself. It can also help drive profitability for your business regardless of the size of your fleet.

BrickHouse Security Support

For a company that doesn't require a contract, preferring to work with its customers on a month-to-month basis, BrickHouse Security offers surprisingly full customer support. While there's no online chat support, there are other resources available online (articles, videos, etc.). Phone and email support are available full-time for the lifetime of your Brickhouse product.

BrickHouse Security Partners

True to its roots as a retailer, BrickHouse relies on third-party products for many of its offerings. That's not necessarily a bad thing since it frees the company up to focus on supporting the products it sells. Among its technology partners and vendors are Spark, Eon, Nano, SilverCloud, TrackPort, and Livewire.

Case Study: Crescent Electric Supply Company

Crescent Electric Supply Company was set up in Dubuque, Iowa in 1919 and now offers electrical hardware and supplies from 141 distribution sites across 27 states.

Crescent Electric Supply Company implemented BrickHouse Security's fleet management at a five-vehicle branch office in Salt Lake City, Utah. Those five vehicles reduced their mileage by more than 1,600 miles during just the first month the system was in use. That first month's fuel savings alone accounted for a 93% ROI. Besides the reduced fuel spend, the GPS technology combined with the BrickHouse fleet management dashboard improved response times and customer satisfaction.

Expert Market Verdict

Brickhouse attempts to be all things to all comers in the security space. They've succeeded to a large degree, offering products that combine utility with ease of use, backed by excellent training and customer service. Like some of its competitors, BrickHouse Security came to fleet management nearly by accident, since the same features that enhance fleet security often have other benefits. Many fleet managers will find that the greater efficiency, cost savings on things like fuel and overtime, and the peace of mind offered by the system are compelling reasons to consider BrickHouse's fleet management solutions.