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Automile Fleet Management Review

Automile is a relative newcomer to the fleet management sector, but they have already built up a loyal, satisfied customer base since their founding in 2013. With offices in Palo Alto, CA and Stockholm, Sweden Automile are a global company offering world class solutions in vehicle tracking and telematics.

In this review we will look at:

  • Automile’s star ratings
  • Features & Benefits
  • Pricing
  • Case Studies
  • Expert Verdict
Ease of Use
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Features and Benefits of Automile

Real Time Tracking

Seeing the precise location of all of your vehicles on 1 map is vital to running a successful fleet, especially when it comes to customer service.

The ability to tell someone waiting for your service with confidence that their driver is on the way - or that they are going to be late - could be the difference between keeping and losing a customer.

Mileage Logging

Minimize the risk of human errors in mileage logging and ensure that all of your drivers are complying with maximum driving time laws and stopping for regular breaks.

Another benefit of mileage tracking through Automile is that they’re IRS-compliant, meaning you will always receive the maximum tax deductions.

Vehicle Inspections

Knowing if any of your vehicles are not fit for the road is vital to managing a fleet. Automile’s paperless vehicle inspections allow users to note exactly what is wrong with each vehicle.

This information is stored in a central location, giving managers a complete overview of the fleet’s health and allowing easy scheduling of maintenance and repairs.

Driver ID

Each driver and vehicle has their own ID. This profile stores trip history and previous notes and is the quickest way to communicate between driver and fleet manager.

Managers can also track drivers live, allowing them to decide which person is closest to send to new jobs, maximizing the efficiency of the whole fleet.

Tasks and Messaging

Talk directly to drivers or create tasks to later assign to whoever is closest. Maps and images can also be sent between driver and manager for complete job communication.

Safety and Security

Automile’s features can protect your vehicles from outside threats and make your drivers safer.

Vehicles with visible trackers are far less likely to be target by thieves and far more likely to be recovered - along with any valuable cargo - in the event that they are stolen.

Speeding and accident reports can protect drivers who frequently exhibit dangerous driving behaviors such as speeding or harsh braking by alerting them to their habits and encouraging change.

Case Studies

  • 88% of the company are part of the mobile workforce working with over 50 vehicles
  • Started using Automile to settle disputes about drivers being late
  • Seen 10%+ in cost savings thanks to accurate tracking of hours and locations
  • Improves job scheduling across the business leading to more efficient use of resource
  • Deliver baked goods across Seattle and the surrounding area using 16 delivery vans
  • Wanted help with logistics, coordinating schedules and ensuring efficient routing
  • Automile helps Macrina to keep their vans in top working condition and track them if there is an issue
  • They can now improved the efficiency of their deliveries by optimizing routes in real time


Automile has a tiered pricing plan so you  are never paying for features you don’t need. You can also try their services free for 30 days to make sure they fit your business needs before committing.

TierPriceHighlighted Features
Starter$5.90 per vehicle/month- Up to 3 vehicles
- Office hours phone support
- Mobile and web apps
Pro$15.90 per vehicle/month- Geofencing
- Unlimited users
- Real-time tracking
Enterprise$23.90 per vehicle/month- 24/7 phone support
- Route planning
- Speeding reports

Automile also offer discounts as you add more vehicles to your plan. As an example, here are the costs of the Pro plan broken down by fleet size:

Number of VehiclesPrice
1-9$15.90 per vehicle/month
10-99$13.90 per vehicle/month
100+$11.90 per vehicle/month

Expert Verdict

Automile offer a ‘plug and play’ style fleet management solution that is easy to set up, cost efficient and comes with excellent customer service. They offer many of the standard features of fleet management, along with some important extras such as geofencing.

Fleets of all sizes and budgets could benefit from Automile’s vehicle tracking and telematics, and their reporting features can make the job of the fleet manager a lot easier.