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ATTI Fleet Tracking

Robust alerts and reporting make ATTI a more-than-capable fleet management companion

Founded in 1995 and incorporated in 1998, Texas-based Advanced Tracking Technologies, Incorporated (ATTI) provides telematics and fleet management solutions that are similar to many of their competitors. Where they differ is in their approach to the business. While some businesses focus on software and outsource their hardware, and others make hardware but outsource the software it runs, ATTI handles both in-house.

What results is a GPS and fleet management ecosystem that works together seamlessly. What's more, rather than diluting their focus by providing multiple types of GPS systems (personal trackers, auto trackers for family use, etc.), ATTI keeps a singular focus on the fleet management field.

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Industries Served

Although ATTI started out servicing government, municipal and other public fleets - and much of their business is still tailored to those sectors - in reality, business fleets of nearly every type can take advantage of what the company has to offer. Service fleets, including appliance installation and repair, home security, and satellite and cable installation fleets, have put ATTI to good use. So have contractors in HVAC, plumbing, and electrical. Food service and delivery fleets, oil field services, landscapers, transit systems, and taxi and limousine services have all streamlined operations and saved considerable amounts of money as well.

Products and Services

ATTI provides vehicle GPS tracking and asset tracking by GPS or satellite to its customers. The Shadow Tracker® Vision III™ system provides real-time vehicle and fleet updates at ten-second intervals. Uninterrupted service comes via an internal backup battery and internal cellular antenna. The cellular and satellite asset trackers have a long service life, and ping 2, 3, or 6 times per day.

All hardware is backed by the Shadow Tracker dashboard, which can be accessed via desktop or mobile application. In addition to custom views and reporting, it also allows for custom integrations that can be adapted to a number of third party applications; indeed, ATTI has already provided integrations for transit systems, waste management companies, and a variety of dispatching networks.

Features of ATTI Fleet Tracking

Alerts are automated so you'll always know who's where, and what they're doing. Geofencing helps to reduce or eliminate unauthorized use and alert to possible theft. Reporting features help you see the big picture when it comes to understanding and improving fleet performance. Driver ID and scheduling tools ensure that you're making the best possible use not only of your mechanical assets, but of your human ones as well. While maintenance scheduling keeps everything and everyone safe and ensures your fleet stays in top operating condition.

ATTI Mobile Applications

Where many companies provide a single mobile application, ATTI provides three, each designed with a unique purpose in mind. Each app listed below will work on most recent mobile devices running on Android or iOS (Apple) operating systems.

Shadow Tracker® Mobile

Shadow Tracker® Mobile

ATTI Shadow Tracker® Mobile is a mobile app for fleet managers. For fleet managers who don't want to stay tethered to their desks (or small businesses whose fleet managers are also on the road), the Shadow Tracker® mobile app allows for remote fleet monitoring from a smartphone or tablet.

Overall Rating:

As with the desktop application, you can view the status of the fleet or its individual vehicles while also receiving travel, stop, and alert histories.

Driver Console

Driver Console

ATTI Driver Console logs the activity from individual drivers' onboard ATTI tracking devices, which can then be viewed from the Shadow Tracker® Live desktop dashboard.

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Shadow Tracker® Time

Shadow Tracker® Time

ATTI Shadow Tracker® Time tracks your employees' hours by time and location-stamping their stops. You'll always know who's where, how long they've spent, and what they've accomplished.

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It does away with traditional time cards, ensuring your remote workforce gets paid for the hours they've worked.

ATTI Benefits

Fleet managers will see a number of benefits from ATTI fleet management practically overnight. Thanks to reduced fuel spending, better customer response times and service, increased fleet productivity, and the ability to reduce or eliminate unauthorized overtime. Businesses using ATTI typically have a rapid return on investment, with many reporting that the system has paid for itself in a month or less.

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ATTI Support

ATTI consults before the sale. Basic and advanced trainings are available online on a weekly basis for implementation. The company also provides ongoing customer support by fax, email, or phone for the life of the product.

Case Studies

Liberty International

Liberty International are a limousine service based in New York, who offer a fleet of luxury vehicles to get you from A to B in style.

Liberty International sought to address rising fuel prices and rampant unauthorized vehicle use. The company's owner sought a turnkey solution that would enable him to spend more time on the business than on implementation. Once the system was installed in Liberty's five-vehicle fleet, the savings started and the moonlighting stopped.

The fuel savings alone were $600 per week - more than $30,000 per year - and the elimination of unauthorized use and the ability to better dispatch and route vehicles led to further cost savings due to lower maintenance costs and accurate payroll reporting. Best of all, the increased efficiency led to happier customers; repeat business and referrals increased by 15%.

Lubbock Power & Light

Lubbock Power & Light (LP&L) has served the Lubbock, TX metro area since 1916 and now provides energy to over 100,000 customers in the area.

The utility had a laundry list of issues they sought to address, and approached ATTI for help. Once ATTI's GPS tracking hardware was implemented in the fleet - which numbers 300 assets including vehicles, trailers and heavy equipment - they were able to reduce excessive idle time, reduce fuel consumption, improve driver safety and accountability, and reduce customer complaints. Not only had they met their objectives, they'd also improved response times, and at the same time, improved customer satisfaction.

Expert Market Verdict

Other companies have preceded Advanced Tracking Technologies into the telematics and fleet management space. You could also, with a minimum of effort, find companies with a wider and more diffuse product offering than ATTI brings to the table. However, ATTI could be compared to a restaurant with a very small menu: there's been a conscious decision to do fewer things, better, rather than trying to be all things to all people. That approach pays off in a range of products and services that can benefit fleets of nearly every size and purpose.