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Verizon Connect Work Review

Technically, Verizon Connect Work doesn't exist – but don’t let that put you off

Verizon Connect Work – to use its improper title – was born in 2016, when Verizon acquired Fleetmatics for a casual $2.6 billion. Before Verizon came along, Fleetmatics used to offer two products: Fleetmatics Work, a piece of field service software, and Fleetmatics Reveal, a vehicle tracking system.

As a result of the acquisition, Verizon did away with the ‘Work’ and ‘Reveal’ aspects of the names, and blended the two offerings to create Verizon Connect – a sophisticated piece of software that offers assistance in the following management areas:

Since each element of Verizon Connect offers a completely different software solution, it’s only fair that we focus our review on the original ‘Work’ element of the software – more specifically, its field service software.

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Features and Benefits

According to reviews submitted by some of Verizon’s biggest clients, its software system will have a huge impact on the way you run your business. In fact, you could end up saving both time and money.

Verizon’s field service software will give you better control and insight over your field operations. This means delivery companies, service companies, health organizations – essentially any business that operates with a team of people out on the road – will benefit from its field service software.

Check out the main features below.

Create new jobs or worker schedules

Things change. New jobs come in. Some jobs are cancelled. When this happens, you need a quick and easy way to reschedule the working day to make it as time-efficient as possible. This is where Verizon’s field service software comes in. Send updates to your team on the road. Fit in more jobs. Make more money.

Create custom work orders for those in the field

How much time do you waste on the phone, explaining jobs to your team? With Verizon Connect, you can create custom work orders according to the job at hand. Your employees can access the job on the go, and clue themselves in before they arrive. This makes processes far more efficient.

Keep track of paperwork and timesheets

Ever wondered where your paperwork ends up? With Verizon Connect field service software, you can digitize all of your important documentation, meaning there’s less chance of you losing it. With all of your documents in one place, you know you can keep everything on track.

Automate accounting

Better still, with the Verizon Connect Quickbooks integration, you can keep all of your finances in one place. Pull up finance reports and keep an eagle eye on your figures – see just how much of an impact Verizon’s field service software is having on your business.

Reviews and reports on job and customer history

It’s not just financial reports you can pull up; view job reports, reviews, and customer history too. See exactly what maintenance work was carried out last time, and build deeper relationships with your customers by keeping tabs on which services they use.


Verizon Connect isn’t the most forthcoming when it comes to its pricing. In other words, it’s set on providing customers with bespoke quotations depending on individual needs. Unsure on exactly what you'll need? This is where Verizon Connect's free, no obligation trial comes in.

Verizon will hand you the full version of its product to play with, so you can identify which features you’ll have use for before you commit to a package.

Alternatively, just fill in our form! Answer a few simple questions, and the best field service software suppliers that meet your requirements will be in touch with bespoke pricing.

Verizon Connect for Small Businesses

Scalability is key here. Remember, Verizon Connect field service software is just one branch growing from a large tree of services. This means that Verizon can grow with your business.

Say you were to start with a basic field service package. Then, as your business grows, you upgrade your package. But what about the expansion of your fleet? Suddenly, you need a way to keep track of your vehicles. Luckily, you can easily integrate Verizon’s fleet tracking software into its field service software to create one mega management system.

According to a number of small business users, Verizon Connect is:

  • Easy to install onto PC, phone or tablet
  • Easy to use
  • Delivers great reports

Case Study

Dynamax specializes in retail events, and has been in business since 1999. Owner Dan Fahey says the company used to operate with spreadsheets, which were updated by various workers and often difficult to follow. With the rise of computing and mobile technology, Dan started looking for software that might help the growing company keep track of its various events, employees and inventory.

Dan also wanted a program that would integrate with the bookkeeping software he was already using. Verizon Connect Work seemed to check all of those boxes, so Dynamax decided to give the app a shot.

In addition to helping with basic organizational needs, the Verizon Connect Work program was able to streamline other areas of Dan’s company. Dynamax does a lot of print media work for its clients, and the ability to upload documents onto one device and share with the rest of the team saved massive amounts of travel time.

The software enabled Dan to dispatch as soon as new jobs came along, while the batch invoicing feature made it easy to quickly create and send multiple invoices. Verizon Connect Work allowed everyone at Dynamax to communicate and share information instantaneously, and this in turn led to more work and increased returns.

Expert Verdict

Verizon Connect Work – better known as the field service software element of Verizon Connect – is a sophisticated package. There’s no doubt that businesses of all sizes will find value in implementing its extensive features.

What we have to remember is that Verizon is a huge company. While this comes with a level of security and convenience (it can provide for every element of your business), there are compromises to be made – most notably in the customer service department.

Of course, Verizon isn’t the only field service software supplier, and may not be the best one for your requirements. The easiest way to discover the best field service software for you is to fill in our short form. Once you’ve popped in a few details, the suppliers that best match your needs will be in touch with quotes.

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