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What Is Time Tracking Software?

Keep in control of your costs by investing in time tracking software

Time logging is essential to the financial integrity of your business. Why? Because without it, there’s plenty of room for errors.

With proper time tracking software in place, employees can accurately record how long they’ve worked that day. You’ll also be able to record how long projects take to complete, and create quotes and estimates based on the information collected.

This means you won’t need to worry about overpaying or underpaying your staff. And you don’t need to be concerned about under or over quoting, either.

But when it comes to controlling costs, time tracking only goes so far. Think about the expenses you pay, the assets you own, and the jobs you’ve declined when you haven’t needed to.

The solution for time logging, expense tracking, and job allocation doesn’t lie in time tracking software alone. If you’re really looking to keep control of your costs, take a look at field service software instead.

Field service software is your one-stop-shop solution for business logging. You’ll literally have all the information you need to run your business efficiently in one central location.

With that being the case, rather than simply providing you with a list of the best time tracking software, we’ve researched the best field service software that includes time tracking software as a feature. Take a look at our pick of the best below.

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Best Time Tracking Software Revealed

Our research revealed that the best field service software with time tracking as a feature comes from mHelpDesk, HouseCall Pro, Salesforce Lightning, Jobber, and Synchroteam. See how they compare in the table below.

Time Tracking SoftwareBest ForStar Rating
mHelpDeskEase of use
HouseCall ProLow budget
Salesforce LightningCustomer support
SynchroteamTool integration

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Best for ease of use

Integrating new systems into the workplace isn’t easy. Thankfully, mHelpDesk is as helpful as its name suggests, making it easy for your team to pick up and use the software.

Time keeping is what mHelpDesk does best, with timesheets syncing up with both workflow and job management features to give you greater control over the way your business operates.

While it’s true that mHelpDesk isn’t the cheapest field service software out there, the fact it’s packed full of features means a lot of companies see a return on investment fairly swiftly.

Supplier Rating:


  • Cloud-based
  • Lots of offline features
  • Suitable for small to large businesses

X Cons:

  • Not particularly customizable

2. HouseCall Pro

Best for low budget

When it comes to field service businesses, HouseCall Pro isn’t particularly fussy. It can be tailored for use by HVAC businesses, plumbing businesses, and construction businesses to name just a few.

Those looking for sophisticated timekeeping should take note of HouseCall Pro’s GPS tracking feature, which logs the time staff spend on shift.

Even better is the fact you can split times into jobs and activities, enabling you to create detailed job reports that will help you put together quotes for similar jobs in the future.

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Supplier Rating:


  • App and web-based software
  • Free version for very small businesses
  • Good customer service ratings

X Cons:

  • Isn’t as featureful as other software

3. Jobber

Best for customization

Customization is a factor that sets some field service software apart from others. Whether you’re looking to customize invoices, quotes, or just the user experience of the software, Jobber gives you the freedom to play around with its features.

Like mHelpDesk, Jobber’s time tracking feature combines with GPS to provide you with a full overview of where your employees are, and how long they spend there.

Also like mHelpDesk, Jobber has an impressive list of features under its belt, helping you to manage customer-facing and behind the scenes operations. Add to that a decent list of additional app integrations, and you have yourself some well-rounded field service software.

Supplier Rating:


  • Very customizable
  • Not particularly expensive
  • Good customer service ratings

X Cons:

  • A little more complex to use

4. Salesforce Lightning

Best for customer support

Anyone who’s into innovation should take a look at Salesforce Lightning. Its field service software is packed full of super smart features that’ll give you an edge when it comes to organizing your business’ operations.

Even Salesforce Lightning’s timekeeping features are a step up from the rest, allowing you to combine them with job KPI scores to gain a complete overview of your employees’ performance.

The great thing about Salesforce Lightning is that it’s fully integratable with Salesforce’s impressive CRM system. While the combination of its field service software and CRM system isn’t the cheapest package around, it’ll provide you with more business management tools than you could shake a stick at.

Supplier Rating:


  • Offers fantastic business insight
  • Reputable customer service
  • Fairly easy to use

X Cons:

  • Intelligent, but limited number of features

5. Synchroteam

Best for tool integration

Synchroteam’s field service software is, funnily enough, very good at synchronizing with other software platforms. This makes it a great choice if you’re looking to invest in time tracking, in addition to other business management features.

The software’s best time tracking feature is its Schedule Assist, which helps you to log jobs and assign them to available staff. With job tracking and customizable work reports at your fingertips, Synchroteam is ideal for businesses wanting to invest in a simple, yet fully functional product.

Best of all, Synchroteam has really managed to keep costs down. It offers one of the lowest priced field service software packages on this list – great for smaller budgets!

Supplier Rating:


  • Integrates with other online platforms
  • Lots of handy features
  • Fairly straightforward to use

X Cons:

  • App user experience not as smooth as others

What’s Next?

Field service software really is the answer for business owners looking to take complete control over their business processes. Thanks to the number of features available, you’ll be able to find ways to cut costs and become more time efficient. In turn, this can lead to larger profits, and the ability to take on more jobs and projects.

Field service pricing depends on the number of features you require and the number of accounts you need. You may also need to factor in setup and training fees if applicable. That’s why it’s always best to speak directly with a supplier before you buy.

Fortunately, it’s really easy to do so. Just fill in our online form with a few details about your business, and the suppliers that best match your requirements will be in touch.


What are the main time tracking software features?

While time tracking software varies from one provider to the next, especially when comparing free versus paid options, there is a core set of features worth considering as you choose the right solution for your field service business.

  • Time Tracking
  • Activity Levels
  • Automatic Payroll
  • Online Timesheets
  • GPS and Locations
  • Payroll Budgeting
  • Open API
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Attendance Scheduling

What are the benefits of investing in time tracking software?

Improve Estimates

A solid history of the time spent on projects can give you a better handle on things when the time comes to estimate jobs.

Eliminate Redundancy

Knowing where your employees' time is being spent can help you eliminate redundant or unnecessary tasks and scheduling, saving you time and money while freeing up technicians for other tasks sooner.

Streamline Processes

Time tracking software limits manual timekeeping and data entry. That means not only a savings of time, but also fewer chances for time theft and routine clerical errors.


Accurate time tracking is a must for state and federal labor laws, the ACA, and for various forms of industry compliance.


HR and employees alike can access data on time worked, as well as the use or availability of sick time and vacation time.

Happier Employees

Accurate timekeeping means accurate payroll, and that keeps your hourly workforce smiling.

Happier Customers

Your customers can see the time spent on the job. That keeps billing transparent and puts your customers' minds at ease.