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By Rob Binns | Senior Writer


Digitech Payments is situated in Montreal, Quebec and stands out as a company with the ambition and drive to do great things for payments for businesses. The Digitech Payments team is comprised of a variety of specialists, focusing on e-commerce and IT, which is a fantastic advantage for any business looking for a payment provider with the potential to keep adapting with technology.

Digitech Payments is a company which is continually expanding, so if you’d like a provider who will grow as you do, Digitech Payments should be on your list of considerations. Digitech Payments also place emphasis on their excellent customer service and adherence to the rules which govern credit card processing.

Digitech Payments Review
Contract Flexibility
Reviewed by Expert Market:02/15/2016

Key Information

  • Services: Merchant accounts, POS terminals, real-time processing, recurring billing, and SSL support.
  • Payment Solutions: Gateway and machine payments, mobile payments, and virtual payment terminals.
  • Contract Type: None.
  • Activation and Setup: $99.99 sign-up fee, no contract, no cancellation fees.
  • Administrative Fees: $10 monthly account fee, $20 monthly minimum fee. Online businesses pay a $35 monthly gateway payment fee.

Transaction Fees:

  • $0.05 for retail credit transactions
  • $0.29 for retail debit transactions
  • $0.25 for online transactions

Clients pay:

  • 1.54% of retail credit card transactions
  • 1.25% of debit cards
  • 1.54% of online sales

The Expert Market Verdict

Digitech Payments approve accounts 95% of the time and as this is lower than the average within this industry, this is something which should be considered when searching for a new payments processing provider.

However, despite the approval rate being slightly lower, the rates that Digitech Payments charge are some of the best in the industry, meaning this could be a worthwhile company to partner with.

As long as your business’s finances are in order and Digitech Payments does not consider your industry to be risky, there is no reason why the company’s lower than average approval rating should stop you choosing them as your payment processing partner.

In fact it could even be seen as a positive as they are being more selective and focusing on quality.

Rob Binns
Rob Binns Senior Writer
Rob writes mainly about the payments industry, but also brings industry-specific knowledge of CRM software, social media monitoring, and invoice finance. When not exasperating his editor with bad puns, he can be found relaxing in a sunny corner, with a beer and a battered copy of Dostoevsky.