Procore Construction Management Software Review 2019

Procore Construction Management Software Review 2019

What is Procore?

Procore is a comprehensive Construction Operating System (COS) designed for construction teams, contractors, and other businesses with employees in the field.

Cloud-based and scalable, Procore is available as a combination of four modules: Core OS Tools, Project Management, Quality and Safety, and Construction Financials.

Used by companies around the world, Procore is distinguished by its comprehensive features, user-friendliness, and its integration-facilitating API.

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Core OS Tools

Procore’s Core OS Tools are at the center of its construction operating system. These tools include comprehensive document drafting, robust insights via next-generation data analytics, as well as access to Procore Connect and the App Marketplace.

Procore Connect is the face of Procore’s state-of-the-art API, which allows users to integrate Procore’s platform with just about any other operations management software on the market.

The App Marketplace gives users access to hundreds of Procore modules to create and customize their Procore platform to fit their unique needs.

Project Management

To help construction teams stay connected both on the jobsite and in the office, Procore offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use project management platform.

Tools include a daily log, automated email integration, scheduling and timecard creation, biddings, and meetings — as well as full access to Procore’s mobile application, which enables field workers to stay connected with associates in the office, and vice-versa.

Procore project management

Quality and Safety

Safety is a top priority in the construction industry. Procore’s Quality and Safety platform helps construction teams stay on top of safety through a number of helpful features and tools.

Powerful data and reporting dashboards allow users to pinpoint and problem-solve issues across all projects efficiently and effectively. Plus, the software’s Investigations and Observations tools allow teams to identify and categorize hazards to prevent errors and complications on the job.

The Quality and Safety module also comes standard with Procore’s mobile application for uninterrupted communication between employees across all job sites.

Construction Financials

Procore’s Construction Financials module gives construction teams comprehensive controls and insights into all sides of their finances.

Driven by instantaneous data transfer from the field, the module’s powerful and user-friendly interface enables users to track, record, and report real-time cost impacts more efficiently than ever. Not only that, but the extensive data reporting and impressive analytics features also allow companies to maximize profit margins from every angle.

Construction Financials can also be integrated with virtually any existing accounting software for a streamlined financial interface that works as hard as you do.

Service Plans

Procore’s service plans revolve around the four modules it offers, with pricing determined by the number of modules implemented and the size of the client. Procore’s pricing module is variable and dependant on the unique demands of each company.

Customer Service

Procore’s customer service is largely centered on its online interface. The company offers an extensive information page where current and prospective users can learn more about Procore software.

Since Procore is cloud-based, current users also have the ability to login via Procore’s website and receive information that way. Prospective users can chat with a Procore associate online to have specific questions answered and can also contact Procore via email or at the toll-free customer service numbers listed on their website.

Ascot Group: A Procore Case Study

The Ascot Group is a premier general contractor for both residential and commercial construction projects. Over the past few years, the company has grown to take on considerably more jobs across the country.

In order to stay on top of existing growth and find ways to continue their success, associates at the Ascot Group knew they needed to upgrade from their existing paper-based system.

By making the change over Procore, the Ascot Group was able to consolidate their information and documents, making organization a breeze and helping employees do more with their data.

Utilizing Procore’s Construction Financials module, the Ascot Group was also able to see which markets were the most beneficial for the company, enabling them to carve out a niche in renovations and refurbishments, thus garnering more clients and continuing their rapid rate of growth.

Expert Verdict

For companies working the construction industry, Procore offers a wide range of tools and features that are both nuanced and user-friendly. The power and effectiveness of the Procore platform is evidenced by the number of high-profile clients already using the software at the local, regional, and global levels.

Used by general contractors, government teams, healthcare builders, and more, Procore offers a comprehensive selection of tools that allow construction businesses of any size to optimize all areas of operations.