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By Lucy Crossfield | Editor

When you opt for Starbucks in the workplace, you not only get their delicious responsibly sourced coffee, you share in their brand as well. Here are some options to consider for your office or commercial enterprise.

The Office

Smaller offices don't necessarily need high-volume coffee machines. For a group of 20 or less, you can most likely get away with a single-cup or carafe model.

This way you get to save on expensive machinery and focus on what really matters: the coffee. For these environments, Starbucks has a convenient solution.

Subscription Service

Starbucks Verismo Pods

With Starbucks' subscription service, you're in the driver's seat. From their whole bean coffees to Verismo pods and Tazo teas, you get to choose which beverages you'd like to serve in the workplace.

You simply sign up online, make your choices, and the coffee is delivered to you as often as you'd like.

At any time, you can manage your subscription by altering your coffee selection or delivery schedule.

When the beans arrive, all you have to do is brew and serve to your employees and guests. Your office and brand will benefit from it.

Prices for the subscription service vary depending on order size and frequency of delivery.

Mid to Large Offices

Interactive Cup Digital Brewer

If your workplace has a bigger demand for coffee, consider the Interactive Cup Digital Brewer. With an easy-to-use digital interface, you can program your coffee selection yourself. In fact, the machine offers up to 3 different roasts, to ensure that everyone gets his or her desired drink. It's an important feature among larger crowds of coffee drinkers.

When it comes to caffeine, there's no one-size-fits-all beverage solution.

With the interactive digital brewer, you get to choose from 8, 12, and 16 ounce cups, and decide if you want to brew a single cup or an entire carafe.

The iCup costs several hundred dollars. For an exact price you will need to get a quote.

Commercial Spaces

Starbucks Portion Packs

If you want to create the Starbucks store experience inside your own commercial operation Starbucks have a solution for you.

With their premium program, you cannot only provide the delicious coffee Starbucks is known for, but you essentially partner with their brand as well.

Under the program, you'll receive certified Starbucks coffee, cups and sleeves with their famous logo, marketing signage, Tazo teas and more.

You're more or less opening a mini store within your own space, and promising your customers a reliable coffee experience. You even get to choose which coffee to serve.

By ordering a box of their pre-measured portion packs, you'll receive 18 servings of coffee. One portion pack yields one pot of coffee for your establishment (roughly 50-64 fluid ounces, depending on strength).

(Like the subscription service, prices for the premium program vary).

If the program doesn't quite meet your demand, you still have one other promising option.

Vending Machine

Seattle's Best Coffee Logo

Officially dubbed the Seattle's Best Coffee Hot Drink Center, this commercial product puts a unique spin on the traditional vending machine.

The Drink Center comes equipped with a durable grinder, can calculate the correct temperature and deliver the right brew with every order.

The consumer can choose from a variety of premium coffee roasts, plus a selection of non-coffee drinks as well, which is great for heavy demand and diverse tastes. Additionally, it accepts most major credit cards so that you can off set the cost of the machine, while providing an easy and satisfying experience for your patrons.

The Drink Center has an estimated cost of thousands of dollars. Costs vary depending on the specific needs of your business, so you will need to contact Starbucks for a more accurate price.

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