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By Lucy Crossfield | Editor | Published: 2 October 2014

Established in 1895,Lavazza the brand has become the go-to espresso of choice for Italians and Americans alike.

Like other companies, Lavazza recognizes the need for good coffee at work, and of course, in a coffee shop or restaurant.

This is why Lavazza makes machines to serve small, medium and large businesses, as well as a few commercial options.

To see how the company can bring the refined Italian tradition to your workplace, take a look at some of its high-profile options.

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EP 850

lavazza ep 850

The compact EP 850 is a good choice for offices of about 20 or less.

Its sleek, modest size means it will easily fit into your break room, or even on its own hallway station. Like many machines today (and many of Lavazza’s other machines), the 850 uses capsules as its brewing method.

Just insert the roast of your choice, twist the handle, and hit the brew button. The semi-auto design of the espresso maker makes you a participant in the brewing process.

Once you reach your desired volume of coffee, just press the button again to stop the pump.

While the 850 may be compact, it can do more than just brew simple espresso. If you want to froth milk for a cappuccino or latte, press the steam button, wait for the ready light, and begin whipping your milk into a rich froth.

The EP 850 retails for $149.95.

EP Matinee Gold / Chrome


For a more enhanced Italian coffee experience, consider the EP Matinee model.

Like the 850, this machine is compact enough to keep office real estate to a minimum.

However, its sleek brass design gives it a classic edge. If your business values aesthetic appeal along with exceptional coffee, this is a good option.

Also dubbed the Espresso Point Machine, the Matinee relies on pre-packaged cartridges that are specifically designed for use with this model.

Without needing to grind espresso beans every time, you not only save time but also avoid the potential mess of spilled grounds, thereby maintaining the machine’s classic, clean image.

You can find the EP Matinee for $699.

Lavazza Blue Machines


Lavazza’s Blue line is built to deliver coffee at high volumes. Whether you have a large office or run a food service operation, the Blue machines come in various sizes, each one slightly customized to meet your particular demand.

For larger businesses or operations catering to groups of 50 or more, the Blue Colibri 3212 is a good option. It contains 8 buttons, each of which is set to handle an individual drink order.

However, the internal hoppers provide additional drink possibilities as well (for an even more minimalist yet dynamic espresso experience, choose the semi-automatic 3211 model).

If you want to provide your work or commercial environment with authentic espresso options, but don’t have the time or space to brew each order from scratch (and who does?), try this efficient, robust machine.

The 3212 is estimated to cost around $1,000.

LB 4712


If you run a commercial food service enterprise, then you simply can’t skimp on coffee – good coffee, specifically.

With so many chain coffee shops offering tasty java, you have to make your establishment a destination for coffee, no matter what kind of food you serve. Otherwise, your customers will get it from somewhere else.

Espresso drinkers know that Lavazza is a trusted brand, and with their commercial-grade LB 4712 machine, you’ll be sure to impress them.

Whether your customers order a classic, unadorned shot, or want a cappuccino, this model can handle any order – multiple orders, in fact.

With 2 brewing group heads, it can make up to 4 drinks a time. Add Lavazza’s easy-to-use capsules and a versatile wand for frothing, and you’ll give your clientele a true Italian coffee experience.

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