How to Use a Coffee Vending Machine

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By Lucy Crossfield | Editor | Published: 24 October 2013

Coffee vending machines offer a range of hot beverage options for you to choose from. If the vending machine provides you with free hot beverages, you will not have to enter any money.

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If however the vending machine does charge, you will need to ensure that you have either the correct change, or check to see if the machine will issue you with change. This information should usually be available on the machine, so have a good look at the labeling and/or any signs on the vending machine.

If a machine is free to use, you will just be required to enter your drink selection. If it charges, you will be required to either enter your payment first and then select your drink option, or you may be asked to enter your drink selection and then your payment. Most vending machines take coins rather than notes.

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Entering your Payment

As mentioned, you need to check that you have the correct change, or that the vending machine dispenses change. You will then need to enter your coins into the slot on the machine. If the vending machine does issue change and/or some of your coins are rejected, these will be returned to you.

Some vending machines will issue your change automatically and some will need you to request your change. This is usually done by pressing a button closely located to the slot that you originally placed your money into.

You can also use this button if you decide not to make a selection and just want to get your money back. Some more modern vending machines may display a ‘cancel’ button, which you can press instead.

Entering your Selection

The machine will give you a range of drink options to choose from. Some will have each individual drink displayed and their own button to choose your selection. In this instance, you just need to press the option that you require. You will usually see the option you have chosen light up, which confirms your selection. Your drink will then be dispensed.

If, however, the drinks are listed with codes, for example: ‘White coffee with sugar – F5’, you would need to enter ‘F5’ into the keypad on the machine. Your drink will then be dispensed.

Safety First

Remember that drinks from vending machines will be very hot, so remove them carefully and only when you are sure that the machine has finished making it. Some machines will display a countdown to show when your drink is ready, whilst other machines may make a sound to show that they have finished.

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