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kounta POS

By Aimee Bradshaw | Writer and researcher

kounta POS


  • Customisable interface
  • Customisable analytics
  • Compatible with a range of hardware

X Cons:

  • Analytics and inventory not included as standard
  • Only targets the hospitality market
At a glance: Offering up a customisable user interface, great customer service, and compatibility with a range of hardware, you can count on Kounta for your next piece of POS kit.

Kounta is one of Australia’s most popular hospitality POS suppliers, and it’s well deserving of that accolade. It gives you the ability to create a POS system that works for your business – you don’t need to worry about investing in brand new hardware, nor do you need to worry about compromising on user experience.

And when it comes to positive POS system reviews, Kounta has them in droves. You only need to scroll through some of user comments to see how much of a positive impact a Kounta POS system has had on both new and well-established businesses.

Quick facts:

  • Kounta’s head office is in Sydney, Australia
  • The POS supplier was founded in 2012, and now employs over 70 people

Kounta’s Features and Benefits

✔  Customise your POS interface

Kounta clearly understands that every hospitality business is run differently. You may want to organise your menu in a particular way, or set up the system so it prompts staff to upsell, or inform customers of allergens. Kounta allows you to run your business just how you want to.

kounta interface

✔ Take Orders Anywhere

Take orders at the counter, at the table, or even accept orders made over an app. Kounta gives you the freedom to take orders any way you wish, which also gives you the freedom to run your business any way you wish. And when orders can come in through an app, too, you know you’ve got all the bases covered.
kounta take orders

✔ Take Payments

A POS system wouldn’t be a POS system if it couldn’t take card payments. And thankfully, Kounta’s intuitive payment processing makes taking card payments a breeze. It also helps that Kounta is compatible with a range of payment solutions, including Tyro, WestPac, and all the big banks.
kounta take payments

✔ Manage Customers

Hospitality is a competitive industry, so when a customer comes in to your cafe or restaurant, you want to keep them. Thanks to Kounta’s customer management system, you can sign customers up to your loyalty scheme. Kounta then takes note of their menu choices, and can send them targeted marketing to keep them coming back.
kounta manage customers

✔ Get Customised Reporting

You can’t make improvements about the way you run your business without data. With Kounta providing you with information on your best selling menu items, and highest performing staff, you’ll be taking your business from strength to strength in no time!
kounta reporting

How Much Does Kounta Cost?

The great thing about Kounta is that its pricing is very transparent. It has three tiers – Sell, Manage, and Extend, and each includes 24/7 customer support. Let’s see what else you can get for your money:


  • Sales
  • Wastage
  • Tipping
  • Order types
  • Bar tabs
  • Custom receipt footer
  • Basic inventory control
  • Third party integrations
Includes everything in the ‘Sell’ package, plus…

    • Table management
    • Order control
    • Staff management
    • Multiple price lists
    • Gift cards

Customer display

Includes everything in the ‘Sell’ and ‘Manage’ packages, plus…

  • Advanced production printing
  • Automatic promotions
  • Guest tracking
  • Refund reasons
  • Training courses

It’s worth bearing in mind that Kounta charges on a per register, per site basis. It charges $60 for your first register on every site, then an additional $40 a month for each additional register on every site.

You should also take note that Kounta’s analytics and advanced stock control packages – named ‘Insights’ and ‘Purchase’, respectively – are sold as separate. Their pricing, too, is tiered depending on the range of features you require, and charged per site.

– $40
– $0
– $80
– $40
– $120

What does this mean for my business?

Thankfully, Kounta has very handily advised which plans are suitable for small, medium, and large scale business. Below, we’ve worked out the amount you can expect to pay per year based on the type of business you own:

Pop Up Bar or ShopCafes and TakeawaysRestaurants and Pubs
$1,200/year (includes View Insights package)$2,400/year (includes Share Insights package)$4,080/year (includes Custom Insights package and Advanced Purchase package)

As you can see from the figures, Kounta isn’t the cheapest POS system around. If you think that these ball-park figures are on the high side, you can check out how much other POS system providers are charging by simply filling in our short form. Click here to provide us with a few details about your business, then our system will you with the providers that best suit your needs. They’ll then be in touch with quotes and more information.

Is Kounta Right for my Business?

As you may have already worked out from the rest of this review, Kounta is a POS system that has been tailored to the hospitality sector. This means retail businesses should look elsewhere for a system. But for hospitality business, Kounta is a solid option – and here’s why.

There’s no denying that Kounta is a hugely versatile POS system with heaps of capabilities. It’s been cleverly structured so that businesses pay for the features they need, and no more. This means that small businesses have all the tools they need to start selling, while larger or more established businesses can add tools to their package as and when they need them.

Kounta is all about customisation. It knows that each hospitality business is unique, and therefore allows you to customise its interface to suit the way in which your business operates. You can also customise things like receipts, customer comms, and your analytics reports.

And if you’re in a location where the wifi connection is a bit hit and miss, you can be confident in the knowledge that Kounta is storing all of your sales data onto your device, and will automatically upload everything to the cloud once you’re back online.

That all being said, Kounta has a lot of features, and therefore isn’t the quickest or simplest to set up. You’ll therefore need to set aside some time to set up your system before you open, or at least accept that you will have some downtime if you’re planning on upgrading your current POS system to Kounta.

What do Kounta’s Customer Reviews Say?

There’s no denying that Kounta’s customers score its POS system highly. Here’s one of Kounta’s most glowing reviews, submitted by Evan from Round Bird:

“Kounta is a POS system has been able to grow with us, providing flexibility and ease of use that is a massive relief when you the pressures of an expanding business to contend with. The ability to simply add or subtract registers, combined with the functionality of an internet based system makes change relatively pain free. Wireless waiter stations, Abert pay terminals, Bluetooth printers (which I don’t have, am excited about and will probably get, it’s all so easy to use.”

On the other hand, some reviewers have brought up problems with the system. Here are some of the main issues that Kounta’s customers are facing:

  • Bugs with scale and scanner integration
  • Occasional bugs with printing
  • It’s not the cheapest POS system around
  • Reporting is not as in depth as some businesses would like
  • No staff onboarding tuition

What Other POS Systems Should I Consider?

If you’re still undecided on whether Kounta is the right POS system for your business, why not check out our main restaurant POS page? We’ve suggested five more suppliers, and provided advice on what you should be watching out for if you’re looking to invest in a new POS system.

Alternatively, you can use our comparison service to put yourself in touch with suppliers that best match your requirements. All you need to do is click here to provide us with a few details about your business, then sit back and wait for POS suppliers to get in touch.

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