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Vehicle Tracking Companies & Solutions

Vehicle tracking companies and manufacturers in the United States have enabled individuals and businesses to keep an eye on some of their most valued assets, and monitor vehicle performance.

GPS vehicle tracking has revolutionized the automotive industry by being incorporated into fleet management software offered by a range of vehicle tracking companies across the United States.

These companies not only provide telematics features like online real time tracking, (with maps plotting vehicles down to block and street level) but can also provide advanced reporting features to help fleet managers optimize their fleet.

The top vehicle tracking companies and manufacturers in the US design their systems to include advanced reporting on the most common problematic and potentially costly issues such as driver behavior, vehicle idling time and fuel consumption.

They also include geographical alerts to notify fleet managers if their vehicles enter no go areas. These areas are ring fenced by what is known as 'geofencing' and could be close to employees' homes or areas out of the employee's designated patch.

They can also be set to provide alerts only during an employee's regular shift.

Compare vehicle tracking quotes to find the perfect solution for you at Expert Market.

Vehicle Tracking Companies in the US

Here are some more details about some of the best vehicle tracking companies in the country, and information about the solutions they provide for you to compare:


Fleetronix Logo

Fleetronix is a comprehensive fleet management system designed to provide a fully integrated business solution. Fleetronix work with you to customize the system to your business so you get a customized solution for an off the shelf price. Fleetronix is ideal for small to medium sized businesses.

Features include:

  • Vehicle tracking; with a selection of operation tools, such as Geofences, vehicle stops and messaging services.
  • Individual vehicle dashboards
  • Route builders; logistics planning and zone creation
  • Maintenance; routine alerts and vehicle health monitor
  • Fuel consumption monitor
  • Extensive reporting features

Chevin Fleet

Chevin Logo

Chevin Fleet offer two solutions; remote hosted web based and self-hosted Windows based fleet management systems. Chevin was the pioneer of web based fleet management and have offered the service since 2001.

Their systems have been extensively developed by ex-fleet operatives and managers and are designed to tackle many of the specific problems faced by companies operating large fleets.

Chevin is a comprehensive, modular and complete business system, ideally suited to large enterprises and companies that are very heavily dependent on their fleet. They will work with you to customize your system as they recognize that no two businesses are the same.

Just some of the features and modules of Chevinfleet (both types) include:

  • Vehicle tracking; fuel use, engine event management, route planning and more
  • Finance; costing; capital expense, billing, expenses and more
  • Administration; report and query builders, utilities, notifications, document management, bar coding and more
  • Operations; job assignation, PDAs, trips, motor pool, driver portals and more
  • Maintenance; schedules, tyres, repairs and accidents

Read more: Chevin Software


Fleetmatics Logo

One of America's largest fleet management firms is Fleetmatics. The company can boast 10 years experience in the industry, and currently have more than half a million subscribers and customers around the world.

Read more: Fleetmatics

AMS (Asset Monitoring Solutions)


Asset Monitoring Solutions (AMS) started in the United Kingdom and have expanded into the United States. The vehicle tracking systems are unique and they have provide their own web interface created in house. They offer a wide variety of fleet management plans and solutions to suit companies and fleets of all sizes and budgets.

Read more: AMS Fleet Management


Oracle logo

Oracle have been in business since 1997, and have built up a diverse range of products in the business space. They are one of the leading providers of fleet management software across the world and a great option for a business looking for an experienced provider.

Read more: Oracle


Qualcomm Logo

Qualcomm's Gobi modems offer an industry leading, innovative tracking solution for businesses looking to collect data on the company fleet. The systems they offer are hosted in the cloud and can cover everything from a vehicle's location to on-board entertainment systems.

Read more: Qualcomm


Quartix Logo

Quartix have 13 years experience in the vehicle tracking industry, and their real-time system is one of the best on the market. Their system is based online, which means the data and information they record can be accessed from any location on all types of internet enabled devices.

Read more: Quartix


Donlen Corporation Logo

Donlen Corporation are a fleet management firm that specialize in utilizing both online and GPS technologies to successfully take charge of an entire fleet. Everything from vehicle acquisition to accident tracking, and from funding to fuel costs can be taken care of by the convenient, simple to use management systems created by Donlen.

Read more: Donlen Corporation


Linxup logo

Linxup offer an easy and affordable fleet management system that can be used for both commercial and personal use. Their devices use GPS technology and give minute by minute updates of each vehicle's location when it is in powered up. Linxup's vehicle tracking devices have many more great features including alerts for speeding, tampering and unauthorized use.

Read more: Linxup


Motorola Logo

Motorola is another brand primarily known for its work in other sectors, but the fleet management arm of the business is excellent and offers a lot of value to a business. With Motorola's tracking devices businesses can communicate with their drivers wherever they are in the country and at anytime. They also offer integrated maintenance plans and record keeping.

Read more: Motorola

Rand McNally

Rand McNally logo

Rand McNally is a specialist fleet management provider. The company produces tracking devices and systems for trucks includung the TND 760, RVs with the RVND and even outdoor handheld devices, perfect for biking, hiking or geocaching. Rand McNally have a lot of different devices and plans to choose from, which makes them a good company for businesses of all sizes and types to consider.

Read more: Rand McNally

Red Prairie

Redprairie Logo

In 2012 Red Prairie merged with JDA, but vehicle tracking products are still available under the company's original name. The company specializes in fleet management software, rather than the hardware.

Read more: RedPrairie


Scania Logo

Scania put a lot of focus on small details, which when added together can shave lots of money off the cost of operating a business fleet. The company is constantly upgrading its range and develops many new products each year.

Read more: Scania


TomTom Logo

WORKsmart by TomTom is an efficient and easy to use system. It's highly customizable so can be used by a fleet of just two vehicles or one with more than 5,000. WORKsmart is already used by more than 30,000 businesses and it is estimated that each of these companies has seen a return on its investment in 6-9 months.

Read more: TomTom

US Fleet Tracking

US Fleet Tracking Logo

US Fleet Tracking offers affordable products which include features like real-time GPS tracking. With coverage extending to almost the whole globe, US Fleet Tracking have proven popular and been the supplier of choice for many high profile events. US Fleet Tracking also offers tiered pricing options which means companies of all sizes can find a service plan that suits.

Read More: US Fleet Tracking

ARI Fleet Management

ARI Fleet Management logo

Automotive Resources International (ARI) is the worlds biggest privately held supplier of fleet management. ARI Fleet provides a large selection of products to their customers, including customizable dashboards and bespoke alerts. With truly global scope, ARI Fleet has the potential to support any business no matter how large.

Read More: ARI Fleet Management

GE Capital

GE Capital logo

As a subsidiary of General Electric, GE Capital provides fleet management solutions to a wide variety of industries across the world. GE Capital offer a large selection of services which include popular features like Telematics and asset tracking.

Read More: GE Capital


Telenav logo

Telenav provides real-time navigation for the likes of Blackberry, Motorola and Sprint. Telenav has also created two apps which work with all major brands of cellphone. These provide turn-by-turn directions to the user and with the built in functionality from Scout, the apps can be easily integrated or customized.

Telenav places great emphasis on software and as a result has partnered with other software and hardware providers. These partnerships have helped to launch a huge variety of products to suit the needs of different businesses.

Read More: Telenav

Merchants Fleet Management

Merchants Fleet Management Logo

Merchants Fleet Management is a major player in the fleet management industry, serving all 50 states. As a large supplier, Merchants Fleet Management are equipped to offer a variety of lease options, from fixed-price models to more temporary, short-term leasing plans.

Business owners can monitor their fleet using the online tool, FleetAccess. With this tool, businesses can monitor key statistics and reporting.

Read More: Merchants Fleet Management

Track Your Truck

Merchants Fleet Management Logo

Track Your Truck has years of experience and as a result is a reliable supplier of vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions for any business.

With software which integrates easily and unique features such as Covert Tracking, Track Your Truck could be the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes.

Read More: Track Your Truck


XRS logo

XRS is a fleet management supplier dedicated to providing exceptional service to the trucking industry.

XRS also provide a number of apps which are accessible through a variety of platforms and mobile operating systems.

Read More: XRS


Omnitracs logo

Omnitracs offer a large variety of products and they also have a selection of pricing options which will suit businesses of different sizes.

Included in pricing tiers are a number of applications and support networks.

Read More: Omnitracs

Wheels Fleet Management

Omnitracs logo

At 75 years old, Wheels Fleet Management were the first fleet management company in the USA and today they have grown to support over 1 million vehicles in 41 countries across the globe.

Besides the exceptional services Wheels Fleet Management has to offer, the customer service and client support are unrivaled, making this one of the strongest reasons so many companies choose to partner with Wheels for their fleet management and fleet tracking needs.

Read More: Wheels Fleet Management


LiveViewGPS logo

LiveViewGPS is a smaller company than many others we feature, but the services they offer are equally as impressive. If tablet and mobile compatibility are vital for your business, consider a supplier like LiveViewGPS.

Read More: LiveViewGPS


VehiclePath logo

Created by a merger of three companies, VehiclePath provides an excellent bespoke software solution, owing to the fact that it was developed with involvement from VehiclePath customer. Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in an efficient and easy to use software system.

VehiclePath is also a provider of tracking hardware.

Read More: VehiclePath

Element Fleet Management

Element Fleet Management logo

Element Fleet Management not only service well over a million clients worldwide, they also service over a third of the Fortune 500 companies in the USA.

Read More: Element Fleet Management

MiX Telematics

MiX Telematics Logo

MiX Telematics first achieved popularity from South Africa where the company was founded. Following this, MiX Telematics soon entered into the American market and became an extremely popular telematics solutions provider to a number of niche industries.

Examples of the industries serviced by MiX Telematics include emergency services, Oil and gas and transportation. Find out about the other niche industries in our dedicated review page.

Read More: MiX Telematics

Trailer Tracking

Trailer Tracking logo

Trailer Tracking specializes in providing real-time tracking solutions to non-powered assets, meaning you can advanced tracking features on things like containers and trailers even when they aren't attached to your trucks.

Read More: Trailer Tracking

J.J. Keller

J.J. Keller logo

J.J. Keller is an old and well experienced company and has been providing fleet management solutions since the beginning. With a range of services and software available, partnering with J.J. Keller could be a great decision for your business.

Read More: J.J. Keller


Garmin fleet management logo

Garmin provides fleet management solutions to a wide selection of industries, making it a great supplier option for many businesses across the world.

In addition to the hardware and open source software that Garmin can provide, Garmin has also partnered with an impressive number of other networks meaning you can expect an expert level of service.

Read More: Garmin

National Fleet Tracking

National Fleet Tracking logo

Founded only 4 years ago, National Fleet Tracking may be newer to the market, but the services and software offered are as powerful and robust as the older companies within this industry.

Read More: National Fleet Tracking

Learn more: Compare companies


NexTraq Logo

NexTraq located in Atlanta, Georgia, provides real time tracking from as little as $95 a month which includes activation fee, installation and lifetime data retention.

As well as including speed alerts and notifications, it also includes 'Find Closest Vehicle', an excellent feature for service and delivery companies where reaching the customer as fast as possible is the main aim.

The year round support is US based and clients can also access tracking information from a mobile application anywhere in the United States.

Bolt on modules for their systems include; vehicle maintenance modules monitoring when vehicles require servicing, gas card integration, dispatch modules for service type firms, in-vehicle messaging and deferred job dispatching, a must for any busy service/dispatch department.

Learn more: NexTraq

LandAirSea Systems, Inc.

LandAirSea Logo

LandAirSea Systems is one of America's top vehicle tracking manufacturers and provides real time vehicle tracking from as little as $95 a month for unlimited one minute updates.

The most precise tracking is offered by their unlimited three second updated real time tracking plan at just $95 month with a $95 activation fee.

InTouch GPS

InTouch GPS logo

InTouch GPS offers enterprise level fleet management solutions to empower companies whilst protecting their bottom line. With no contracts necessary, InTouch GPS could be the ideal solution for your business.


  • Customizable dashboards
  • Driver Tracking
  • Free hardware

Pricing starts from just $23.95 per month and free hardware is included.

More Suppliers:

Using a Comparison Service

It is worth using a comparison service to find a reputable supplier which includes useful features that others charge extra for such as geofencing, points of interest and teenage driver protection.

To be certain that you are only comparing the best vehicle tracking companies and manufacturers across all states and are getting the best price, it is imperative that you use the smartest techniques in screening prospective companies and brands.

Using a well established comparison site that specializes in automotive tracking is the most efficient and cost effective way of comparing prices and features from a wide range. This is where Expert Market can help you.