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Red Prairie Fleet Management Review

Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, Red Prairie offers fleet management solutions nationwide. Red Prairie merged with JDA Software in 2012 and is now uniquely positioned in the sector to offer durable, sustainable, integrated solutions that fully address the challenges presented to the corporate world in the current consumer driven marketplace.

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Their range of technology has been developed to empower businesses nationally and internationally to make informed, intelligent decisions that win optimal profitability and achieve effective results in the transportation and logistics, wholesale distribution, services and retail sectors.

With the ever growing costs of fuel, equipment and labor, it is vital to make the best operational use of a haulage fleet.

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Do you already have a Fleet Management System?

Optimizing delivery, planning and execution provides the opportunity to increase client satisfaction and reduce expenditure but, with a number of variable involved, problems can quickly arise.

The Red Prairie Fleet Management system delivers localized fleet tracking and routing, driving visibility and effectiveness down to the last mile.

The software allows the fleet manager a full analysis of in-transit driver and vehicle performance, providing the ability to make informed, real time decisions concerning redeployment or rescheduling.

The system also offers efficient usage of capacity utilization delivered through the load balancing and stops assignment function.

This will allow a greater number of deliveries daily while potentially reducing the number of vehicles on the road, leading to improved environmental sustainability and a reduction in fuel consumption.

Optimal fleet routing is assessed based on the road network constraints of operational and customer requirements, delivering a reduction in distance and drive time while still fulfilling the customer's needs.

Using GPS monitoring of performance and in-transit routes means that alerts can be issued to dispatchers who can reroute or reassign a vehicle should any problems occur, allowing them to notify customers of any last minute alteration to their delivery.