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Postage Meter Scale

A postage scale is a very sensitive device designed solely for weighing items of mail, ensuring that the correct postage is applied.

A US Postal Service Postage Scale

A US Postal Service Postage Scale

These scales make the mailing process more efficient overall and help save money by ensuring that no overpayment on postage is made.

Postage scales come as digital (electronic) or mechanical scales; digital ones being preferable because they are more sensitive and more precise. The springs in mechanical scales stretch over time which ultimately affects accuracy.

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The user then needs to compare the weight of the item to a chart containing published postal prices and apply the correct postage.

To ensure correct usage, an abundant supply of postage stamps of different values must be kept so that the exact amount of postage required is added. The scale should also be calibrated periodically to make sure it is reading accurately.

Pitney Bowes offers the middle of the range G790 Scale, amongst others, which can weigh mail up to 5lbs. To find out how much one costs you need to contact the company directly although second hand ones in good condition retail at around 175 dollars.

Neopost also offer a complete range of postage scales, one of which can weigh items up to 70lbs. This scale, the ST-77 has a separate weighing platform to the terminal for over-sized packages. Again, you need to contact the company for a quote.

Brand Compatibility

The majority of modern postage meters do have built in scales, thus alleviating the need for a separate one. However, if the meter does not, then many digital scales can be connected directly.

Each postage meter manufacturer sells scales that are designed to work with their postage meters (if they are not already built in) therefore, you need to ensure that if you do purchase a postage scale it is from the same manufacturer to ensure compatibility.