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Crimson Transaction Technologies Review

Crimson Transaction Technologies (Crimson TT) was founded in 1998 as Millennium Retail Solutions. The company has succeeded by delivering a product that addresses retail businesses beyond the Point of Sale (POS) terminal, streamlining other touch points like inventory management to help its customers run leaner and more efficient operations. In addition to traditional POS systems, the company also provides a full suite of products that encompass ecommerce, credit card processing, and other services.

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POS Hardware Offered by Crimson TT

Strictly speaking, Crimson TT isn't in the business of POS hardware, relying instead on its tech partners to provide the hardware on which their software is run. However, the company does make recommendations based on the best operating environments for the software they provide.

Traditional POS systems consisting of a monitor, printer, cash drawer, scanner, customer-facing display, and other peripherals are a popular option. However, Crimson TT also offers tablets that allow your staff to complete sales from anywhere on the sales floor. They can also be tethered to external devices as needed, and can be ruggedized to perform outdoors or in harsher environments.

Other Crimson TT Products & Services

As befits a company with an emphasis on software, many of Crimson TT's product offerings operate out of sight of consumers. These include check and credit card processing, processing of finance applications, IT infrastructure, e-commerce, payment processing, and systems integration.

The company also offers a suite of consulting services for retail businesses and government. Services offered include process optimization, custom software development, outsourced implementation and project management, training, and support.

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Signature Applications

Scoria Retail Suite is a JavaScript-based application for cash handling and payment processing. It's fully customizable and can be adapted to handle a parent company's multiple lines of business under a common interface.

Scoria Credit Switch, likewise built on JavaScript, offers integrated card transaction processing that is both PCI and PABP compliant. It's designed to eliminate redundant data handling to allow for easier transactions and reporting while reducing errors (and processing fees). It's suitable for the processing of credit and debit cards, checks, currency conversion, and gift card processing, among other applications.

Industries Served

The underlying architecture of Crimson Transaction Technologies' software manages to be simultaneously robust and surprisingly adaptable. On the one hand, it's a natural fit for the retail businesses that have been the company's bread and butter since its founding nearly twenty years ago. On the other, it's also proven well suited to the needs of government applications as well.

On the retail side, Crimson TT's products scale to businesses of nearly any size, with a degree of customization to ensure that an equally wide variety of business types are covered. Businesses ranging from mom-and-pop apparel stores to consumer electronics and big box retailers can take advantage of a POS environment that allows for customization by styles, colors, sizes and models.

The ability to customize tax and fee structures makes it a natural fit for duty free shops and wholesalers. Quick order processing is an asset to the food and hospitality industries, and the ability to recognize and analyze buyer behavior and purchase patterns is applicable across niches as diverse as hobbies, entertainment, luxury goods, and specialty retail. In short, whatever your business's focus, there's likely a way to customize and leverage Crimson TT's suite of products and services to work even more efficiently and effectively for you.

A similar picture emerges on the government services side, since the Crimson TT ecosystem can take on fee collection (such as admission and membership fees), bill payments, and practically any other interaction between a government entity or nonprofit that involves money changing hands. School systems, parks, courts, libraries, and even public transportation can all benefit from the implementation of a Crimson TT system.

Crimson TT Partners

Crimson Transaction Technologies leverages partnerships with businesses of three main types. Its distributor network includes NEC, iTEK, Advanced Business Systems, and UCX Eclipse. Hardware is provided in conjunction with the likes of Hewlett-Packard, ScanSource, Synnex and Verifone. Payment gateway, credit processing, and finance support are provided by PNC, Chase, Accenture, Equifax, GE Capital, and TeleChex, among others.

Crimson TT Pricing

The number of products and services - traditional and tablet-based POS systems, software, and consulting - naturally leads to a range of variables involved in pricing Crimson Transaction Technologies' solutions for any given business. Pricing information is generally given after a thorough and detailed consultation where a business's processes and needs can be evaluated.

Expert Market Verdict

Although it has its roots in traditional brick-and-mortar retail POS (as its original name, Millenium Retail Solutions, suggests), Crimson TT has evolved with the times. While retaining its core POS business, the company has expanded its portfolio to include forms of credit and financial processing that enable it to service a much wider range of customers, both in and outside of retail. What's resulted is a business that's uniquely situated to service businesses of all types and sizes whose day-to-day operations include a retail component or that require a point-of-sale system for practically any reason.