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Coffee Machine Comparison

Your office's kitchen is incomplete. It may have a fridge and some other amenities, but the one crucial thing it's missing is great coffee.

Coffee Machine In Use

These days companies like Bunn, Starbucks and Nespresso all make exceptional machines to service your employees and customers.

This article compares the top coffee machine options for offices and commercial use.

For the Office

Over the past decade, the trend among coffee suppliers has been to focus on the individual. While the communal coffee pot still exists in some offices, more and more companies are moving towards single-serve cups. This gives the employee the power of choice.

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Bunn is a leading manufacturer of coffee machines. They may cater to home, office and commercial needs, but they excel at addressing the individual.

Bunn MCP Pour Over Commercial Pod

For example, the Bunn MCP Pour Over Commercial Pod Brewer is an excellent choice for your mid-size office. It's powerful enough to handle the demands of dozens of people while delivering delicious coffee, hand-picked by the individual. After you've selected your roast and inserted the pod, your coffee is ready in about 30 seconds.

If you have any doubts about pods versus traditional coffee systems, the MCP has a special sprayhead that extracts all of the coffee's flavor and aromatics. It retails for around $326.

Not to be outdone, Nespresso makes an office coffee maker that comes with customer service built in.

Bunn MCP Pour Over Commercial Pod

Using a SIM card, Nespresso's Zenius coffee machine connects wirelessly to the manufacturer's customer support, where they can monitor your machine's performance. If a part is declining or just not working properly, they'll handle it without you even having to notify them.

Estimated to retail for $300-$400, the Zenius delivers fast, fantastic coffee per the individual's needs.

For Commercial Use

Coffee Shop Owner

If you're an adventurous coffee drinker, you will seek out exotic roasts on your own. But if you're like most people, you prefer familiar brands. Starbucks understands this, which is why they created their premium program. It allows individual establishments to effectively partner with them, and serve their coffee.

Enhance Your Brand

By linking with Starbucks, you enhance your own brand. Its coffee and business practices are reputable. You get to share that image – and customize your order – when you sign up for one of their portion pack programs.

Based on your specifications, the coffee comes pre-measured and ready for you to serve. Additionally, you can assure people that they're getting the official seal of approval from the coffee giant. With your coffee, you receive branded cups, their Tazo tea, hot cocoa packets and marketing materials, all of which will draw Starbucks lovers to your store.

The prices for the programs vary, but the quality is always the same.

Deliver Volume

Bunn Infusion ICB Twin Commercial Coffee Brewer

If you run a coffee shop or bigger establishment, you can't settle for anything less than reliable, consistent coffee. If you haven't quite found the right machine, then the Bunn Infusion ICB Twin Commercial Coffee Brewer is here to serve you. Its specialty is speed. It can fill 302 8 ounce cups per hour, which should keep even large crowds satisfied.

However, it doesn't sacrifice flavor for output. Using a unique pre-infusion method, your grounds absorb water and plump up, which allows the water to deliver a fuller and more complex flavor profile in the cup.

Additionally, you can alternate between 3 different brewing types, and opt for only half a batch during slower times.

At $1,449, it provides establishments with the power they need to serve perfect coffee at high volume.