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Jura Coffee Machines

Jura (often referred to as Jura Capresso) has everything die-hard coffee drinkers need. Not only does the company produce first-rate coffee, its machines match form with function.

As design trends in work and commercial areas favor more open spaces, Jura's unfussy, clean-surfaced machines can double as part of the office or retail experience.

The company makes a variety of models suited to medium and large offices, as well as food service operations as well.

Let's take a look at some of their marquee machines.

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Impressa series

When you take a coffee break at work, you shouldn't have to drink day-old, burnt java from the bottom of a carafe. Likewise, any business that serves average coffee risks losing its customers to a number of quality, competing coffee chains.

For high-end coffee and espresso, consider Jura's Impressa series. The automatic coffee makers take much of the guesswork out of the brewing process. With the touch of a button, they use a high-pressure system to deliver your specified roast and cup size. As many aficionados know, coffee is best brewed under high pressure as it yields superior flavor and aromatics.

To help you decide which Impressa is right for you, here are some popular options.

Impressa E8

Jura Impressa E8

The Impressa E8 folds many refined options into one simple, super-automatic machine. With an LED display, 64-ounce removable water tank, and water hardness indicator, your medium-size office will never go without expertly prepared coffee.

A common misconception about gourmet coffee today is that, in order to produce complex, delicious joe you need to undergo a slow, manual pour-over process. It just wouldn't be practical in the workplace.

However, with the E8, you get the same refined cup of coffee with almost no work. Meanwhile, the dual coffee spouts mean that you and your coworker can make multiple beverages at once.

The Impressa E8 retails for $499.

Impressa F9

Jura Impressa F9

If you expense coffee meetings or serve it to guests, the receipts can add up fast. It would actually be cheaper and more efficient to keep all of the coffee consumption in-house. Of course, then you'd have to make sure your machine could handle a variety of orders.

Cue the Impressa F9. This entry into the Impressa series builds on the E8 by adding even more services such as a pre-brew system for enhanced flavor and aromatics, an internal water-cleaning unit, and the ability to save previous orders.

And it looks good doing it.

For large offices with high demand, or food service operations that want to offer exceptional coffee as part of their menu, the F9 is a great option as it's built for power. Using a 15-bar pump and 1,450 watt heating unit (lined in stainless so as to prevent off-flavors), it's an elegant workhorse.

You can find the Impressa F9 for approximately $975.

Giga 5

Jura Giga 5

If your restaurant or upscale coffee shop caters to a discerning crowd, you have to deliver sophistication. Good coffee won't do. Whether they order it black, or prefer a latte or cappuccino, your customers expect only superior, refined coffee.

Give them what they want with the Giga 5. Featuring 17 individually programmable specialty coffees, manual options, and two grinders and heating systems, this machine makes professional-grade coffee every time, no matter how large the crowd. Your customers will also appreciate the ceramic disc grinders, which are whisper-quiet.

The trend among many modern food service establishments is to open the kitchen, allowing patrons to see the inner workings of how their meals and beverages are made. Don't cheapen the experience with an average-looking coffee machine. The clean, classy exteriors of the Giga 5 add a touch of artful character to your kitchen or prep area.

Jura Capresso's Giga 5 retails for $5,398.

Want to see the Giga 5 in action? Take a look at the video below:

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