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How To Install a Commercial Coffee Machine

Once you have purchased your coffee machine, you will need to install it in your business. This is something that can be done in house should you wish to save your firm a professional installation fee.

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Firstly you will need a work surface that is strong enough to hold the weight of the machine with easy access to a water inlet and somewhere for the waste water to go. The power feed for the machine should be at the side but as close as possible to avoid spoiling the appearance of the area.

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You may also need to have a drill available to make any access holes for power and water pipes that are required. If you have a fridge or wine cooler under the counter that prevents you from drilling holes you may need to purchase a specialist fitting kit to aid installation.

Also, prior to installation, you should check the wires are correctly connected in the isolator to ensure electrical safety. You may also consider installing an easy access carbon water filter on the supply pipe to help improve the quality of the coffee and enhance the longevity of the machine.

Installation Procedure and Accessories

Once you have identified an appropriate site for your coffee machine and connections to the mains water supply have been fitted, you will be able to install the machine. Make sure the machine is level through balancing the legs and connect the machine to the hoses and the power.

However, before using the coffee machine on your customers, it is important to have a number of test runs to ensure all the options are working correctly and the water is flowing as it should through the device.

Other Considerations

Whilst you are installing your coffee machine, you may also want to consider installing a counter knockout box which is where your employees can place the used coffee grinds. It is also worth considering installing a waste bin under the device, or even a through counter knockout box.

Can I Get it Installed Professionally?

Most suppliers of commercial coffee machines will install their machines for you, or many plumbing firms offer an installation service. Suppliers may offer a free installation and provide training for your employees on how to use the device at the same time. For a plumber to install the machine will typically cost between $250 and $350.