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How to Descale a Commercial Coffee Machine

Cleaning Frequency

With constant use, coffee machines accumulate hard water deposits, requiring the user to descale the machine. How often this is required depends upon factors such as frequency of use, quality of water and so forth.

On average, it is recommended that coffee machines be descaled approximately once a month. However, it is advisable to also clean the coffee machine on a more regular basis.

Coffee Machine In Use

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Descaling Solutions

One method for descaling involves the use of a solution made up of white vinegar and water. By pouring this solution into the coffee filter and then allowing the solution to cool, the coffee pot can be rinsed out with water, removing the hard water deposits.

It is also advisable to repeat the rinsing procedure with water to remove any vinegar taste during future use. An alternative method involves the use of commercially available descaling products.

The procedure for using descaling products is similar to that described above, with the exception that a solution of water and the product is used, rather than a solution of water and vinegar.

Benefits of Descaling Your Machine

If you keep your machine clean and regularly descale it, the flavor of the coffee will be much improved. The reason the flavor can be affected is because scale which is made from water deposits, can begin to build up. These will then cause the water to become chalky. Oils from the coffee leftovers will also remain which can have detrimental effects.

In addition to the flavors, descaling the machine will help it last longer and for more uses. Simply washing the machine is not effective, but in combination, descaling monthly and regularly cleaning your coffee machine will keep it working nicely.