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How To Buy A Commercial Coffee Roaster

Most commercial coffee roasters will operate in a similar way and will be differentiated mainly by the volume of beans which can be processed at one time and the speed with which this can be achieved.

It is therefore highly advisable to carefully consider your requirements and the demands you will be making on the machine before you decide to purchase.

Coffee beans

For most enterprises, a coffee roaster will represent a major financial investment, so ensure that you look for a model which will provide durability and functionality.

In addition, try to factor in scalability into your decision and opt for a machine which will provide for future growth in the business and accommodate a higher volume of customers.

On a more practical note, ensure that the machine is easy to use, clean and maintain; will it fit into your current catering environment and, most importantly, will it suit your budget?

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Does your business already have a coffee maker?

Prices will vary depending on the volume of beans you will need to process. Small commercial coffee roasters are available for less than $3,000. A 3 kilo high end model is available from $14,000, 10 kilo from $25,000 and 25 kilo from $58,500.

The coffee roaster you choose will help to define your particular coffee roast with your customers; get it right and you will be identified by your flavorsome roasts and high quality beverages.

Make a mistake and your potential clients will be heading for the nearest Starbucks or Intelligentsia!

Market Options for Purchase

Commercial coffee roaster

Just one of the many suppliers of high quality coffee roasters is Probat Burns who offer a variety of models including solid drum, perforated drum and centrifugal technology.

The small capacity P-series utilizes drum technology to ensure uniform roasting across a range of volumes to deliver a roast of premium flavor, color and aroma.

The models incorporate user friendly operation, a roasting drum with paddle technology to guarantee a superb roast and optimal blending, and ongoing monitoring capabilities to maintain the quality of the roast and to retain the desired aroma through the rapid cooling function. The P-series will deliver a processing capacity from 44 - 440lbs per hour.

For a higher volume environment, the mid-range G series has processing capacities of 528 - 1,056 lbs per hour, and the large volume Neptune range from 1,056 - 6,500 lbs per hour.

Perforated drum technology is integrated into the Thermalo model which delivers high heat transfer levels to provide minimal fuel consumption via high velocity conductive roasting.

The perforated drum model offers consistency of roast, ACO (auto clean out) to maintain the quality of the roast and to minimize maintenance and downtime, and control over the entire process from roasting, de-stoning and cooling through the incorporated Essential Panel technology.

The centrifugal Saturn series of coffee roasters can process bean capacities from 5,500 - 8,800 lbs per hour, depending on the profile and roasting time, and delivers the user optimal flexibility to reproduce distinctive roasts even at high volumes.

This allows the enterprise to adjust their roasting profile to reflect changes in the current market trends and to best suit the quality of their green coffee beans.