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Best Coffee Machines For The Office

Winter is a wonderful time to consider purchasing a brand new coffee machine for the office. Having something as simple as a good quality cup of coffee to look forward to on those chilly mornings will undoubtedly get the day off to the best possible start.

Coffee from a vending machine

There are many wonderful and unique coffee machines around at the moment, as the popularity of the coffee machine continues to rise. Whatever the size of your office; from just a few people to hundreds, there will be a great option available to suit your requirements.

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Compact Machines for the Small Office

Jura Ena 3

A popular choice for the small office is the Jura Ena 3, particularly where space is an issue. The Jura Ena 3 is only 23.8cm wide, making it the world's slimmest automatic coffee maker. It's very simple to use, with a colour digital display panel allowing you to adjust water dose and coffee strength.

It also has an automatic 'fill beans' warning to ensure that you are never empty and a height adjustable double coffee delivery spout, accommodating both small and large coffee cups. A frothing nozzle produces thick creamy milk for cappuccino; however, you also have the option of attaching optional frothing devices via a patent connector system.

The Jura Ena 3 also has a hot water function for those days when you would rather have a cup of tea. This environmentally friendly machine uses zero energy in standby mode and has a 20 cup water reservoir that can be topped up while the machine is in use.

Another great choice for the smaller office (and slightly less expensive) is the Francino Cherub 1 Group coffee machine. This machine will serve up to 50 cups of coffee a day and is capable of making two cups simultaneously. It makes perfect latte, cappuccino and espresso and is suitable for either ground coffee or pods. The Francino Cherub also comes with a hot water outlet as standard and has a 3 litre water tank.

High Output Machines

Coffee from a vending machine

The Douwe Egberts C300 High Efficiency Coffee Brewer is the perfect, high quality choice for those places of business requiring larger volumes of freshly brewed coffee in an instant. It will hold two different blends of regular and/or decaf coffee, as well as hot water, and is fully programmable to suit your requirements. This impressive machine is capable of brewing up to 1,700 cups per hour and is popular in large offices, factories and for front of house customer use.

Douwe Egberts have other options that have a lower output; the C50 being more suited to the smaller office, then the C100 (output of up to 840 cups per hour), right up to the C500 which is capable of producing up to a whopping 4,788 cups of coffee per hour.

Not quite as large scale, but every bit as impressive for the large office, is the Qualita Vittoria (tall cup). Caffe Society advise that this is currently their best selling coffee machine - they also have a 20% discount available on this particular model at the moment, which comes in two variations; 2 Group - up to 240 cups per hour, and 3 Group - up to 360 cups per hour.

This highly regarded coffee machine was designed and manufactured in Veneto, Italy and comes in beautifully polished stainless steel. It comes with the latest brewing technology and is computer controlled to ensure consistent temperature stability. Like most machines, it also has a constant supply of hot water for making tea. For the environmentally aware, it should be noted that this machine has an energy saving mode for quieter periods of the day.

For The More Adventurous

Flavia 400

People are raving about the unique style and diversity of the new Flavia Creation 400 coffee machine. You can have this wonderful machine installed in your office without having to pay anything upfront, and thereafter just a small weekly rental (purchase offers are also available).

Flavia are currently offering a free starter pack and drinks display unit, free delivery and installation and a free five year warranty. This stylish machine makes cappuccino, latte, decaf and Galaxy hot chocolate, as well as numerous coffee flavours from faraway countries to suit every taste.

This machine will impress anyone who enters your office. In fact, you may find clients hanging around far longer than they used to! Flavia also supply many different teas from The Bright Tea Co. as well as milk, sugar and stirrers.