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DeLonghi Coffee Machines

Rather than producing dozens of variations on its machines and risk sacrificing quality to quantity, DeLonghi ensures that each of its models is a high quality coffee maker.

That's not to say that it doesn't offer variety. You can find a few different options, no matter your price point. But where DeLonghi excels is in using sturdy, sleek materials for its machines in order to deliver an optimal, long-lasting coffee experience for your office.

To narrow down the right choice for you this article highlights a few of DeLonghi's best offerings in different price ranges.

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KMIX 5 Cup Coffee Maker

DeLonghi Logo

The kMix series offers iconic design with a modern twist. The shape of the machine emphasizes the fundamentals: simple, classic coffee.

While there are no frills with this machine, its colorful presentation makes it perfect for any office with personality. Whether you're a hip start-up, a boutique ad agency, or a B2B with flare, you'll enjoy the spectrum of color options.

Bright magenta or blue makes a statement, while green or black adds some classic color to your break room mix.

Additionally, it's controlled by a single On / Off switch, taking all of the guesswork out of making coffee for the office. If you're in a rush, it's the perfect choice.

The kMix retails for $149.95.

Combi BCO 264

Combi BCO 264

While certain coffee drinkers prefer either coffee or espresso, many alternate between both.

Each has its own perks, both in flavor and caffeine kick. You could buy two separate machines, but that can get costly (and consumes precious counter space). Luckily, DeLonghi provides the perfect solution: a 2-in-1 coffee and espresso machine.

Whether you're in the mood for drip coffee or rich espresso, the Combi BCO allows you to make both within the same machine.

Espresso lovers will appreciate the dual-function filter, which produces fast, delicious coffee for lattes and cappuccinos.

Meanwhile, you get to control your coffee by selecting your desired strength and quantity at the turn of a dial.

At $219.95, the Combi is a good way to meet every employee's coffee needs.

Magnifica ESAM 3300

Magnifica ESAM 3300

DeLonghi has become known for its coffee makers, but it built its name on outstanding espresso machines.

If your office has selective espresso aficionados, or if you just want to provide one of the most reliable models on the market, consider the The Magnifica ESAM.

The modern, stainless steel machine allows espresso lovers to completely customize their drinks.

Using the control panel, employees can tweak the strength of their latte or cappuccino for up to 5 settings, optimize their cup size, as well as program an automatic brew time.

Furthermore, the patented Cappuccino System frother mixes milk and steam to produce rich, creamy froth.

The Magnifica ESAM retails for $799.95.

Magnifica S Cappuccino ECAM

Magnifica S Cappuccino ECAM

For a mid-size office or small commercial enterprise, you probably want an espresso machine that can produce more than one drink at a time. Speed wouldn't hurt either. If these are your demands, then the Magnifica S Cappuccino ECAM is a good choice.

It contains all of the features of full-sized automatic espresso machines, but in a compact, easy-to-store model.

Perhaps the most convenient feature, however, is the hot milk system.

At the push of a single button, the machine heats and froths the milk for you, and then dispenses it into your cup.

You don't have to pour an individual serving every time you want a latte, and then wait while the machine noisily whips it up, as you do with most other espresso makers.

The ECAM has a separate container for milk, and in addition to automatic frothing, the machine actually lets you control your desired level of foam.

At $1,499.95, the Magnifica S ECAM makes delicious, customized espresso for mid-volume demand.

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