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Bunn Coffee Machines 2017 Reviews

Bunn has a large and varied product range. Whether you run an office of 20 people or less, or operate a high-volume, booming restaurant, Bunn has a coffee machine for just about every type of business.

In fact, with so many options, it can be hard to figure out where to start. So let's focus on a few popular, high-performance choices for small and large offices, as well as commercial enterprises.

Small Office

Bunn 38300 BX-B Velocity

Bunn 38300 BX-B Velocity

Some offices are singularly minded when it comes to their caffeine intake. Employees want the traditional experience of good coffee without any modern bells or whistles.

For these small companies, the Bunn 38300 BX-B Velocity is a great choice. It works like your classic coffee machine: scoop the grounds into a filter, fill the reservoir with water, and start brewing.

At $109.99, you'll have 10 cups within 3 minutes.

MCP Pourover Commercial Pod Brewer

MCP Pourover Commercial Pod Brewer

If you seek a little more variety from your coffee machine, consider the MCP Pourover. It's designed to handle the different demands of coffee and tea drinkers, while maintaining a simple, sleek design.

Using the single-serve pod system, employees aren't beholden to one type of coffee. In fact, they can control the strength and the cup size by adjusting the portion control. Tea lovers will also be happy about the MCP's special brewing technology. With the simple touch of a button, the machine will automatically steep your tea for you.

Additionally, the automatic model connects directly to a water line, which means you never have to manually refill. The machine senses when the supply needs to be replenished, and does the work for you.

At around $360, the MCP is ideal for a small to mid size office that wants a more dynamic coffee experience.

Large Office


Bunn Axiom-3

While single-serve cups can cater to the individual needs of smaller groups, large offices need to provide coffee for the masses.

This is where the Axiom-3 comes in. A more traditional machine, the Axiom allows employees to brew 3 pots of coffee at a time without consuming too much real estate in your office's kitchen or break room.

The second and third pots rest neatly (and safely) on top of the slender machine, providing extra space to prepare coffee, or to just use it as needed.

People love the Axiom-3 for its ease of use. As part of its BrewWIZARD technology, the machine comes equipped with an LCD display where users can set the brew level and temperature of their coffee. Tea lovers, don't despair. A hot water faucet is also included, giving you instant access to your favorite herbal beverage.

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The Axiom-3 retails for $539.


CWTF 4/2 Twin

Bunn CWTF 4/2 Twin

For any business that features coffee as one of the highlights of the menu, running out is not an option. Luckily, with the CWTF 4/2 Twin, the java never stops flowing.

With 2 brew heads, and 6 individually controlled warming stations, you can brew different types (regular, decaf, flavored, etc.), and keep them all hot and ready to serve in a rush.

The total output is an astonishing 240 cups per hour. At around $1,200, this machine is perfect for an establishment with heavy, consistent coffee demand.

TF DBC BrewWise ThermoFresh Dual Brewer

TF DBC BrewWise ThermoFresh Dual Brewer

The BrewWise shares the output capabilities of many other commercial brewers with one unique twist.

A built-in wireless system enables it to brew different roasts all in one brewer, making it the perfect choice for restaurants or catering companies who have limited space. Additionally, its Recipe Writer software allows you to pre-program recipes, and access them with an easy-to-use interface.

For $1,549, the TF DBC BrewWise is the efficient answer to all of your commercial brewing needs.

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