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Toshiba Phone Systems

Toshiba Telecommunication Systems Division (TSD) provide a wide array of solutions for any size of business, from small holdings to large organizations with contact center requirements.

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VIPedge, the 2012 Internet Telephony Product of the Year, is a completely cloud based VoIP solution.

This eradicates the need for an in-house server and can be fully migrated from within the company at any time.

VIPedge provides the benefit of a full onsite solution, allowing you to manage online, voicemail with unified messaging, soft phone, 'find-me follow-me' call routing and more.

The cloud based system, as opposed to traditional onsite solutions, also allows you to budget more efficiently - you know your upfront costs each month, there's no need for expensive software or hardware upgrades, no more bulky servers taking up valuable space, and you can easily expand your number of users or locations. Prices begin from just under $25 per user per month.



Toshiba also provides IPedge, an in-house system on a single optimized server platform, which can simultaneously run multiple applications as opposed to requiring a separate server for each task.

IPedge servers offer call processing, voicemail and centralized system administration.

Optional add-ons are also available, including unified messaging, meet-me audio and video conferencing as well as a Call Manager unified communications client application.

IPedge integrates easily with Toshiba hard and soft phones. The range of IPedge servers available can serve the needs of any size of business, from the compact IPedge EP supporting up to 40 users, to the IPedge EM supporting up to 1,000.

Far from being inferior to modern cloud based solutions, IPedge with its web-based Meeting Application allows users to connect and attend a collaboration system from anywhere by logging into the network, and also supports video conferencing functionality.

Users can log in from their PC without any additional software. Finally, in the event of any incident, Toshiba's Survivability Solutions allow you to efficiently transfer the system to a backup.

Strata CIX

Toshiba also provides Strata CIX, an alternative telephony solution compatible with any size of business. Strata CIX IP communication systems can be managed from one centralized location for multiple offices, and save on long distance charges between sites.

Strata CIX includes various features allowing you to economize more effectively, including call pattern evaluation, long distance call blocking, full VoIP capabilities and automatic routing to the least costly line or carrier.

Strata CIX, like IPedge, offer various options depending on your business needs, ranging from the CIX40 for small office solutions, right up to the CIX1200, supporting up to 1,152 telephones at once.

Strata CIX leads the way in being the first fully customizable telecommunication system, allowing your business to adapt to changes quickly.

FeatureFlex and Media Application Server allow you to make adjustments to existing features and add new features as and when required, such as voicemail, CTI and integration with other office applications.

Strata CIX is simple and straightforward to use, with many features available at the touch of one button.

It is fully mobile and allows you to roam anywhere within your WLAN, also allowing you to easily transfer extension numbers, use call forwarding and caller ID as well as offering multi-line access and the functionality to transfer from desk telephone to cordless during a call.

Toshiba's Survivability solutions are also available for Strata CIX, to transfer to a secondary server in the event of any incident.

5000 Series IP Telephones

5000 seriesToshiba 5000-series IP Telephones are built to withstand the heavy usage a busy office demands while encompassing a modern design.

Toshiba technology helps you recoup your investment by eliminating any long distance charges between locations, offering effective multi-site management and integrating with both wired and wireless systems.

The 5000-series telephones are sleek, slim and ergonomic with an adjustable base. They feature large back-lit display screens, a headset interface, duplex speakerphone and programmable buttons as well as an Integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch, currently the quickest network access on the market.