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Pitney Bowes DM Infinity Series Review

Due to their high levels of productivity, the DM Infinity series of mail meters by Pitney Bowes have been designed to optimize cost efficiency in even the busiest of mailrooms. The DM Infinity Series are also the first digital high speed meters designed for a high volume mail production environment which have also been approved by USPS.

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The DM Infinity series of technologically advanced, yet easy to use machines have been designed to replace the previous PB 6500/R150 meters.

DM Infinity Specification

The high volume DM Infinity series includes the DM16KR which is capable of processing up to 16,000 letters per hour and the DM26KR which can handle up to 26,000 per hour. Both models are also suited to mixed-weight mail processing, meaning you don’t need to worry about ensuring your mail is completely uniform.

Both machines deliver high speed efficient mailings for your business and through the use of technology such as self cleaning and dual print functionality, downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

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With maintenance costs 66% less than comparable machines and its economical Weigh-On-The-Fly technology (which lowers postage costs for mixed weight mail) adding to the system's overall cost efficiency, The DM Infinity Series is perfectly suited to businesses that prioritize saving money.

Perfect for any size of office, the basic unit measures in at a compact 21.1 inches (h) x 23 inches (l) x 18.5 inches (w) and weighs 90lbs.

It can process letters varying in size from postcards to flats of 10 inches x 13 inches. Other features include quick drying ink, immediate postal messaging and IBI-lite indicia to save ink.


The cost of leasing a model from the DM Infinity series will depend on the length of contract you enter into as well as the additional features you choose, although on average you can expect the DM Infinity to cost thousands of dollars per month.


Both the DM16KR and the DM26KR are top of the range postage meters. They are both great solutions for large businesses who send a lot of mail, and Pitney Bowes' pricing is competitive.