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The North American Fleet Association is a not for profit organization for professionals in the transport and fleet management industries.

Their aim is to continuously improve the fleet management sector by pooling resources, information, knowledge and technological development from professionals across a diverse range of businesses so that individual members can contribute fully to the success of their employer.

What Industries does NAFA Cover?

NAFA covers the entire spectrum of businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles for any reason but it is predominantly aimed at businesses with a dedicated fleet or transport manager.

Industries covered are diverse, from public sector local departments to national haulage and logistics companies and everything in between.

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What Credentials are Needed to Join NAFA?

NAFA have strict joining criteria for each level of their membership. Potential members who have only a strong interest in the industry are not permitted to join - you must have some professional or academic connection with the fleet management industry.

Student membership is available for those ineligible for professional membership but have an academic interest in the industry.

Companies (as a body) cannot be members as NAFA is a professional association rather than a trade association.

Full and associate memberships have strict eligibility criteria. Full members must be responsible for a fleet with more than 25 vehicles, must be employed by a company and must not be a seller of these vehicles.

Associate members may fulfill the criteria for full membership but be responsible for less than 25 vehicles or report to a full member. (Up to five affiliates can report to one full member.)

What Benefits do Members get from NAFA?

Members with a professional membership (full or associate) gain access to a wide range of benefits on joining NAFA, all of which help to further your career, your employer's business and NAFA.

These include:
  • Access to a range of tools, research, publications, member lists and networking opportunities via the website
  • Learning and professional development opportunities, including certified training
  • A voice in legislation
  • Marketing, advertising and business development opportunities
  • Career development opportunities

Members without full or associate membership also get a host of great benefits, although access to professional tools is limited.

Student membership is designed to prepare students for a career in fleet management and includes access to research, networking opportunities and help to source internships.

What is a Chapter?

When you join NAFA, you join the national organization. For added benefits, you are assigned to a regional chapter in the area in which you live or work so that you can network and share knowledge with professionals near to you.

Chapters are a way of organizing what is a phenomenally large organization and there are 33 in total. Chapters do not have separate fees so only your annual NAFA fees are due, although you may have to pay a meeting or seminar fee at this level.

How Do I Join NAFA?

NAFA is easy to join online. Just fill in a simple application and submit your payment. Your membership will be checked for eligibility but it is a straightforward application process.

For renewing your membership once you have already been a member, you can simply log into your account, opt to renew your membership and submit your payment.