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Lucent Phone Systems

Lucent Technologies Inc, originally a spinoff company from AT&T, was a telecommunications provider from 1996 to 2006, whereupon it merged with French telephony giant Alcatel, forming Alcatel-Lucent.

This merged company, with its headquarters in Paris, holds Bell Labs, renowned for decades for its research into and production of new cutting-edge developments in the telecommunications sector. Alcatel-Lucent operates worldwide, serving over 130 countries in all.

Alcatel-Lucent provide a range of hardware and software telecommunication solutions suitable for any size of organization.

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New Site Deployment Solutions

Alcatel-Lucent are able to offer solutions for businesses who are looking to move to new premises and can offer converged voice and network infrastructure for small, medium and large companies alike.

Providing a network to allow you to communicate and collaborate effectively, Alcatel-Lucent's systems allow integration with other systems via a standards-based network, over either a centralized or distributed architecture, and better productivity via a unified communications platform.

As Alcatel-Lucent's systems are easy to install, with savings made through reduced billing and more effective use of space, this solution can help ensure your move is as hassle-free as possible.

OpenTouch Generation

For organizations with legacy equipment that may be reaching the end of its life, or may be at the end of being supported by the manufacturer, the Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Suite enables businesses to keep much of their existing PBX infrastructure whilst reaping the benefits of a new communications platform.

This includes, for example, IP telephony or SIP-based multimedia communications, meaning that you don't necessarily need to strip out everything you already have to benefit from the latest in telecommunications technology.

This solution helps keep your costs down through centralized management, primes your existing network for future developments, and can reduce future expenditure via shared assets, decreasing the cost of upgrading and application virtualization.

IP and TDM Solutions

Alcatel-Lucent IP and TDM solutions can allow you to manage your costs effectively when migrating from TDM to IP, and the flexibility of this solution allows the smooth and effective integration of IP telephony into your current infrastructure, bringing with it the benefits of a full unified communications platform, security for the entire network, compatibility with existing systems, increased efficiency and reduced operating costs.

Alcatel-Lucent also supply a range of easy to use IP telephones to allow better collaboration and customer service.

SIP Connectivity Solutions

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) connectivity solutions from Alcatel-Lucent could enhance your organization's ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with internal and external clients.

This provides vital support for new business models, improved effectiveness with unified communications and messaging functions, centralized complete network management and lowered costs overall.

In addition, it can allow your business to reap the benefits of Public/Applicative SIP trunking, peering and centralized management, bringing new versatility to your organization. Alcatel-Lucent also supply a range of SIP-compatible handsets and hardware.

Your Solution

To bring the benefits of Alcatel-Lucent to your organization, you can find out more about the entire range of products and services offered by visiting their website.

To begin exploring tailored solutions to fit the needs of your enterprise, you can submit an enquiry or chat online to a representative. Alternatively, you can use their Business Partner Locator to find a reseller close to you.