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FP CentorMail MAX Review

The CentorMail is FP Mailing Solutions' flagship product. Where its PostBase products leverage the benefits of metered postage systems for small and medium-sized businesses, CentorMail MAX is an all-in-one high-volume mail system for businesses that deal with very large volumes of outgoing mail daily.

The FP CentorMail MAX Mailing System
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CentorMail Features

CentorMail MAX comes in two variants, the 120 letter per minute CentorMail 120, and the CentorMail 140, which handles 140 letters per minute. Its vertical feed practically eliminates jamming, while the paper path is engineered for easy access in the rare event of a jam.

The CentorMail is capable of mixed-mail processing, eliminating the need for presorting, while the generous feed opening (nearly one inch) means the system is able to handle anything from postcards to catalogs and padded mailers with ease. The included dynamic scale allows the system to weigh and calculate postage during processing, speeding workflow, while an external scale (which can be upgraded) handles larger items.

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Other efficiency-enhancing features include an envelope moistener and optional high-volume ink tanks, in addition to adjustable input/output options. User cards (including both master and user cards) boost security and account management, while the easy-to-use control screen puts up to 300 departments at your fingertips. Add MailOne software and the CentorMail can handle unlimited accounts.

CentorMail Benefits

The speed at which the CentorMail can handle high volumes of mail -- even at 120 pieces per minute, that's more than 6,000 pieces per hour -- makes it ideal for large businesses and organizations. It's also a good fit for hospitals, advertising firms, municipalities, public utilities, and any other business that would benefit from the combination of efficiency and blazing speed the CentorMail offers.


FP's proprietary MailOne software is compatible with the CentorMail system, and replaces the tedium of mailroom accounting with information that helps to streamline your business by giving you access to full and fast reporting.

It allows unlimited departmental accounts, comprehensive reporting features, and enhanced tracking of your postage spending. It can be used in tandem with MailCredit, a utility that allows your CentorMail system to download postage via an internet connection.


Technical Specifications
SpeedUp to 120 or 140 letters per minute
Material size3“ x 5“ to 10“ x 14“
MaterialthicknessUp to 0.8“
Imprints per cartridge set (without ads)CentorMail 120: Up to 26,000
Label dispenserYes
Postage scaleIntegrated up to 10 lbs., upgradeable to 15 lbs.external up to 70 lbs.optional differential weighing
Departmental accounts100 or 300
Account securityMaster/user cards
Advertisement memory15 custom ads
Postage endorsements8 standard
SMS-text messages8 user-defined
Programmable jobs20 user-defined
Software optionsMailOne mailing & accounting software available
Dimensions (w/exit tray)45.9“ (W) x 21.3“ (D) x 13.4“ (H)
Weight44.8 lbs.
Noise emissionUp to 67 dB

Review Conclusion

In either of its variants, the FP CentorMail MAX enables large businesses to control postal expenses through discounted postal rates, increases in efficiency, and significant time savings over manually processing mail in volume. For businesses that send high volumes of mail, the CentorMail provides unmatched performance.